1. National Affairs

“Parliamentary Friendship Groups” in India

1 15 Daily Current Affairs Update | 18 March 2021

Lok Sabha speaker, Om Birla, announced that the “India Friendship Group” has been introduced in both the Parliament Houses of Uzbek.

This news was announced while the Indian Lok Sabha Speaker  was meeting the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan on March 16, 2021. 

Setting up a  Parliamentary Friendship Group for Uzbekistan in the Indian Parliament is under consideration.

Quick Fact: The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

  1. National Affairs

India’s Capital tops as the “World’s Most Polluted City”

2 15 Daily Current Affairs Update | 18 March 2021

The 2020 World Air Quality Report presented by the Swiss Group “IQAir” mentions that New Delhi is the world’s most polluted capital for the third year, straight in the year 2020.

They measure the air quality levels with the foundation of the concentration of lung-damaging particles carried by the air called PM 2.5.

This report was produced based on the data gathered from 106 countries across the world.

Quick Fact: As stated by the report, India has 35 of the most polluted cities out of world’s top 50.

  1. National Affairs

“India Toy Fair, 2021”, first ever of its kind, inaugurated

3 15 Daily Current Affairs Update | 18 March 2021

PM Modi inaugurated a virtual “India Toy Fair, 2021” on February 27.

The main aim of this fair is to appeal to the toy manufacturers to create toys that are good for both the ecological and psychological environment.

It also aims at boosting conceptualization of novel toys and games based on Indian civilization, history, culture, mythology and ethos.

Quick Fact: Most toys made in India are made out of natural and eco-friendly materials.

  1. Important Days

India’s National Vaccination Day: March 16, 2021

4 15 Daily Current Affairs Update | 18 March 2021

The country started its first COVID-19 vaccine immunization program this year on March 16, 2021.

The main purpose behind the observation of this day is to make people aware about the importance of eradicating diseases like Polio from the world by arming against it.

India started its first Polio Pulse Program in 1995 when the first dose of Oral Polio Vaccine was given. 

Quick Fact: The National Vaccination Day is also called the National Immunization Day.

  1. Entertainment News

Announcement of the 63rd edition of the Annual Grammy Awards 

5 16 Daily Current Affairs Update | 18 March 2021

The ceremony was held on March 14, 2021 in Los Angeles. 

The different categories of awards were presented to the winners of the eligibility year starting from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

These sets of awards are presented to recognize achievements in the American Music Industry by the Recording Academy.

Quick Fact: 9 nominations and the highest number of awards, which is four, were presented to Beyonce.

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