1.National Affair

“National Migrant Information System” dashboard developed by NDMA

1 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 20 May 2020

National Disaster Management Authority has built this online dashboard to secure information regarding the movement of migrants

With the help of this dashboard:

  1. interstate movement of stranded persons can be facilitated
  2. speedy inter-state communication/coordination can be executed
  3. numerical data of the movement can be maintained

Quick Fact: NDMA is an apex body of the GoI with a mandate to lay down policies for disaster management.

2. International Affairs 

Benjamin Netanyahu to start 5th term as Israeli Prime Minister

2 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 20 May 2020

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will start his 5th term after winning the Israeli national election

This win is after a controversial power-sharing deal with former political rival Benny Gantz

As per the deal, Netanyahu will be PM for 18 months, while Gantz will be Defence Minister. They will then switch roles after 18 months.

Quick Fact: Israel Capital: Jerusalem, Currency: Israeli shekel


Rapid intensification leads to Amphan becoming a super cyclone

3 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 20 May 2020

Rapid intensification of tropical cyclones is defined as an increase in the maximum sustained winds of at least 30 knots (35 mph; 55 km/h) in a 24-hour period.

The main reasons for rapid intensification of Amphan are:

  1. High sea surface temperature of Bay of Bengal
  2. Optimum moisture level of the middle layers
  3. Low vertical shear winds

While this phenomenon is not as common in cyclones as in hurricanes, scientists feel this may change in the future.

Quick Fact: Two super cyclones to have hit India earlier are Cyclone Gonu in 2007 and Cyclone Kyarr in 2019.


‘Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam’ song sung by 211 Indian singers

3 8 Daily Current Affairs Update | 20 May 2020

211 singers have composed a song titled ‘Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam – Vasudev Kutumbakkam’ 

The song aims to increase the nation’s will power and evoke the spirit of self-reliance

The song has been composed by Shankar Mahadevan and written by Prasoon Joshi.

It features famous singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, and Usha Uthup.

5. Science and Technology

COVID-19 Vaccine by US company Moderna becomes the first to show positive results

5 8 Daily Current Affairs Update | 20 May 2020

The mRNA-1273 vaccine injects encapsulated messenger RNA to generate immunity against the virus.

People who were given the vaccine dose produced antibodies against COVID-19 and stopped the reproduction of the virus.

It is the first vaccine that has generated antibodies against the virus in test subjects.


Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities released by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs 

6 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 20 May 2020

Ambikapur, Surat, Rajkot, Mysuru, Indore and Navi Mumbai has received 5 star rating

65 cities received 3 star rating and 70 received 1 star rating.

The rating mainly focuses on solid waste management.

Quick Fact: The rating system was launched in 2018.

7.Science and Technology

ARCI scientists develop next-generation biodegradable metal implants

7 12 Daily Current Affairs Update | 20 May 2020

New generation Iron-Manganese based alloys for biodegradable metal implants in humans have been developed.

Biodegradable materials made of Fe, Mg, Zn, and polymers are preferred alternatives as they assist healing process and degrade without toxic residues

These have been jointly developed by ARCI and Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram

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