Uttarakhand government to generate electricity from waste

1 16 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 July 2020

A ‘Waste to Energy’ has been undertaken by Uttarakhand government

The waste generated in the state has the potential to generate up to 5 megawatts of electricity

This initiative will help in:

  1. Curbing pollution
  2. Solid waste management initiatives
  3. Providing eco-friendly energy to the state


CBSE partners with IBM to integrate AI curriculum

2 16 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 July 2020

CBSE has integrated a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) course for classes XI and XII

This curriculum has been created by IBM

The IBM AI curriculum is a part of CBSE’s Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action (SEWA) program

Quick Fact: Arvind Krishna is the CEO of IBM

3.Person in News

Roshni Nadar Malhotra: New HCL Technologies Chairperson

3 16 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 July 2020

Roshni Nadar Malhotra has been appointed as the new chairman of HCL Technologies.

She will be replacing Shiv Nadar as the chairperson

Shiv Nadar will continue as HCL Technologies’ managing director and chief strategy officer.

Quick Fact: HCL Technologies is headquartered in Noida


Global Manufacturing Risk Index 2020: India ranks third

4 16 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 July 2020

The annual Global Manufacturing Risk Index (MRI) report was released by the US-based property consultant Cushman & Wakefield

The index ranks the most suitable locations for global manufacturing among 48 countries in Europe, Americas, and the Asia-Pacific.

Ranking has been done as per four key areas: Bouncebackability, Conditions, Costs and Risks.

The top three countries in the index are China, US and India.

5.Person in News

Renowned Indian Mathematician S. Seshadri passes away

5 16 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 July 2020

S. Seshadri was the founder and Director-Emeritus of the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI)

He was famous for his work in algebraic geometry.

Awards received: 

  1. Padma Bhushan in 2009.
  2. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
  3. Srinivasa Ramanujan Medal

Quick Fact: Seshadri constant is named after S. Seshadri. It expresses the local positivity of a line bundled on a projective variety.

6.Person in News

Mandela Prize 2020: Marianna Vardinoyannis and  Morissana Kouyaté

6 14 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 July 2020

The Mandela Prize is awarded every five years by UN General Assembly

Marianna Vardinoyannis is a Greek philanthropist known for fighting childhood cancer

Morissana Kouyaté is a human rights activist from Guinea who has made immense contributions in fight against violence against women in Africa

Quick Fact: The award is presented on International Nelson Mandela Day observed on 18th July

7.Defence and Security

BlackRock: New Android malware discovered

7 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 July 2020

The new malware steals data from 337 apps including the most widely used ones like Gmail, Amazon, Netix, Uber, etc.

The malware is based on the leaked source code of another malware strain ‘Xerxes’

It steals data like passwords, credit card details, etc. using the ‘Overlays’ technique. In this technique, the malware places a fake window on top of the real app screen so that users enter their details in it mistaking it to be the app screen.

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