Kotak Mahindra Bank: First Indian bank to allow video KYC

1 8 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 May 2020

The bank will allow video Know Your Customer facility for opening savings accounts on its digital banking platform Kotak 811.

Verification of documents and signatures will be done on a video call with a bank representative

This will minimise physical interface and quicken the KYC process

Quick Fact: Kotak Mahindra Bank’s tagline is “Let’s make money simple”


ICC cricket committee to ban the use of saliva to shine ball

2 8 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 May 2020

The Cricket Committee has recommended banning use of saliva to shine the ball.

This practice is primarily used in swing bowling.

The recommendation is in line with COVID-19 prevention measures..

Quick Fact: ICC headquarters are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


India Post exhibits Special Postal Cover dedicated to Migrant Workers

3 9 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 May 2020

India Post has released a Special Postal Cover dedicated to the migrant workers to pay tribute to them.

This release is an attempt by India Post to keep the struggles and contributions of migrant workers recorded in the history of India.

Quick Fact: Arundhaty Ghosh is the DG of India Post

4.Defence and Security

GoI implements Shekatkar Committee border infrastructure recommendations

7 13 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 May 2020

GoI has accepted and implemented three important recommendations of the committee. 

These are related to speeding up road construction for socio-economic development in the border areas.

Recommendations include:

  1. outsourcing road construction work beyond the optimal capacity of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO)
  2. introduction of modern construction plants, equipment, and machinery
  3. use of new technology like blasting technology for precision blasting, Geo-Textiles for soil stabilization, cementitious base for pavements, plastic-coated aggregates for surfacing


MHRD launches National Test Abhyas

4 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 May 2020

Ministry Human Resources Development has launched a mobile application called National Test Abhyas

The app has been developed by the National Testing Agency which conducts conducts competitive exams in India

The application will help the candidates take mock tests for exams such as JEE, and use Artificial Intelligence to give them instant results.


Sun enters deepest period of Sunshine Recession

5 9 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 May 2020

The sun has gone into a state called the ‘solar minimum’ and is about to enter the deepest period of ‘sunshine recession’. 

This stage is the peak of the regular 11 year long sun cycle.

During this time, the sun’s magnetic field weakens, decreasing solar activity like sunspots, coronal mass ejections and solar flare.

This only has an effect at the Earth’s stratosphere and levels above. But astronauts in space may face less shielding from cosmic rays.

7. International Affairs

WHO initiates independent inquiry about COVID-19 handling

6 8 Daily Current Affairs Update | 21 May 2020

The review aims to address the international blame game regarding the origin of COVID-19

The resolution for the same was taken at the 73rd World Health Assembly

116 countries, including India, have backed the resolution

Quick Fact: The resolution was initiated by Australia and drafted by the European Union.

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