1. Important Days

India observed National Civil Services day on April 21

This day is celebrated to appreciate the work done by the officers engaged in public administration.

On this day in 1947, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel addressed the newly appointed Administrative Services Officers.

In his speech, he called the Civil Servants, the ‘Steel Frame of India’.

Quick Fact: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was India’s first Home Minister

2. National News

First Indian woman to scale Mt. Annapurna – Priyanka Mohite

Maharashtra'S Priyanka Mohite Becomes First Indian Woman To Scale Mt  Annapurna, World'S 10Th Highest Peak | Hindustan Times

Priyanka Mohite from Satara in western Maharashtra has scaled Mt Annapurna, becoming the first Indian woman climber to achieve this.

Mount Annapurna is a massif in the Himalayas located in Nepal that includes one peak over 8,000 metres.

It is considered to be one of the toughest mountains to climb.

Quick Fact: Mt. Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain peak in the world.

3. International News

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Takes Flight On Mars

Nasa'S Ingenuity Helicopter Takes Flight On Mars - Extremetech

NASA successfully flew its tiny helicopter Ingenuity on Mars, the first powered flight on another planet.

Data and images from the autonomous flight were transmitted 173 million miles (278 million kilometres) back to Earth.

The mini 4-pound (1.8-kilogram) copter even carried a bit of wing fabric from the Wright Flyer that made similar history at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903.

Quick Fact: The Acting Administrator of NASA is Steve Jurczyk and the headquarters of NASA is located at Washington D.C., United States.

4. National News

Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme launched in Andhra Pradesh

Ap Government Frames Guidelines For 'Jagananna Vidya Deevena' And 'Vasathi  Deevena' Schemes - The New Indian Express

The CM of AP recently released the first tranche of Rs 672 crores under the Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme for the year 2021-22. 

This amount reimbursed the fees for 10.88 lakh students. 

The main objective of this scheme is to provide scholarships to all the students who are unable to pay their fees because of their financial burden.

Quick Fact: The Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh is Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy and the Governor is Biswabhusan Harichandan.

5. Important Days

World Creativity and Innovation Day observed globally on April 21

World Creativity And Innovation Day

This day is celebrated to raise awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation in problem-solving.

In order to advance the United Nations sustainable development goals, also known as the ‘global goals’. 

The main objective of the day is to encourage people to use new ideas, make new decisions, and do creative thinking. 

Quick Fact: This day was founded on May 25, 2001 in Toronto, Canada, by the Canadian Marci Segal.

6. International News

Miguel Díaz-Canel officially sworn as the President of Cuba

Miguel Díaz-Canel Confirmed As Cuba'S New President

Diaz-Canel has been officially sworn in as the ‘First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba’, following the resignation of Raul Castro. 

The Secretary of the Communist Party is the most powerful position in one party ruling Cuba. 

Díaz-Canel now holds Cuba’s two most important positions, head of the party and president of the state.

Quick Fact: Cuba Capital: Havana; Cuba Continent: North America; Cuba Currency: Cuban peso.

7. India and the World

An agreement to prevent plastic waste entering oceans: India & Germany

India-Germany Enter Into Agreement To Prevent Plastic Waste Entering Oceans

The GOI and Germany have signed an agreement for Technical Cooperation in enhancing practices to prevent plastic from entering the marine environment.

The project titled ‘Cities Combating Plastic Entering the Marine Environment’ will be implemented for a period of three and a half years.

The outcome of the project is completely in line with the objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission.

Quick Fact: Germany Capital: Berlin, Currency: Euro, Chancellor: Angela Merkel.

8. National News

First-ever online exhibition on Ramayana inaugurated in India

Union Minister Prahlad Singh Patel Inaugurates First-Ever Online Exhibition  On Ramayana

The Union Minister of State for Tourism and Culture virtually inaugurated the first-ever Online Exhibition on Ramayana.

This event took place on the occasion of World Heritage Day 2021.

The online exhibition has been titled ‘Rama Katha: The Story of Rama Through Indian Miniatures’.
Quick Fact: The Union Minister of State for Tourism and Culture is Prahlad Singh Patel.