1.India and the World

India to build Shahtoot dam in Afghanistan

India announced at the Geneva Donors conference that it will be constructing Shahtoot dam in Afghanistan.

The dam will be constructed over the Maidan river, a tributary of river Kabul in Afghanistan.

The dam will provide drinking and irrigation water in Afghanistan’s Kabul province.

Quick Fact: India has also built the Salma dam in Afghanistan, also known as the Afghan-India Friendship Dam.


Shanghai becomes the most connected city in the world as per IATA

Shanghai is set to be the world’s most connected city as per the International Air Transport Association.

Earlier London was the most connected city in the world

Now, Shanghai along with Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou have now emerged as the most connected cities in the world.


New Zealand government may declare climate emergency

Greenpeace New Zealand has urged the New Zealand government to declare a climate emergency.

This step has been taken in view of  loss of life due to extreme weather events and climate change in the country.

If the parliament passes the motion, it will be a big step in bringing climate change to the centre of policy making.

Quick Fact: Jacinda Ardern is the prime minister of New Zealand

4.Science and Technology

Brain Fingerprinting to be used on Hathras Rape Case

Brain Fingerprinting is also known as Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature.

It is a neuropsychological method used to interrogate an accused in the crime in which their brain responses are studied. 

The technique will be used in Hathras Rape case investigation.


India Climate Change Knowledge Portal launched by GoI

India has launched the India Climate Change knowledge portal. 

It will hold information about the steps taken by GoI at national and international levels to control climate change

The eight major components of the portal are climate profile of India, India’s NDC goals, National Policy Framework, adaptation action, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, report and Publication, mitigation actions, International climate negotiations.