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Ms. Sudha Painuli wins National Award to Teachers 2020

Ms. Sudha Painuli has been selected for National Award to Teachers 2020.

Winners are selected by an Independent Jury constituted by the Union Ministry of Education, Department of School Education & Literacy.

She is the first NAT Awardee from the Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) established under Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

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Kevin Mayer resigns as CEO of TikTok

The CEO has stepped down amid pressure from the US government for TikTok’s parents Chinese company to sell it.

ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok.

Vanessa Pappas, General Manager of TikTok, will replace Mayer on an interim basis.

Quick Fact: Zhang Yiming is the founder of TikTok

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Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash wins Mental Calculation World Championship

Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash has become the first Indian to win

gold medal at the Mental Calculation World Championship 2020 at Mind Sports

Olympiad (MSO)

The championship is held in London and is the most prestigious international

competition for mental skill and mind sports

Neelakantha holds the four records, including a Limca record, of ‘fastest human calculator’ in the world

Quick Fact: Shakuntala Devi was an Indian writer and mental calculator, popularly known as the ‘Human Computer’


India’s first International Women Trade Centre for female entrepreneurship to be set up in Kerala

The International Women Trade Centre will accelerate women entrepreneurship

It will also provide space to women to promote arts and cultural forms such as music, dance and theatre

The Centre has been established under the Green Park initiative of Kerala which focuses on gender equality and women empowerment


India recycles only 1% of its demolition and construction waste: CSE

As per a report published by Centre for Science and Environment:

  1. India recycles only 1% of its demolition and construction waste.
  2. Only 13 cities out of 53 have established recycling facilities in order to recover material from Construction and Demolition waste

This is a huge environmental problem as waste from the sites is choking water bodies, public places and green areas and contributing to air pollution.