Ajax Loader Daily Gk Quiz | 18 June

Welcome to Daily GK Quiz: 18 June

The following quiz will have 5-10 MCQs. The questions are framed to test your General Knowledge.

This quiz is intended to provide you a quick and thorough revision of General Knowledge. If you score less, please do not lose calm. Read the answers and the explanations provided to remember better. If you would like to ask anything or to give us any feedback, leave a comment below and we will respond.

Hope you enjoy this quiz. If you like it, then please share it. Thank you.

1. Which part of the Central Nervous System controls reflex actions?
2. Which of the following countries have the oldest functioning parliamentary institution?
3. Navalinga Temples, the 9th Century nine temples cluster built by Amoghavarsha I of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty, is located in which state?
4. World Environment Day is observed on:
5. Which of the following plans aimed at improving the standard of living?
6. Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because
7. An autoresponder is a__on mail server that automatically replies to e-mails

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