BJMC or Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is an important course for students who aspire to a career in the field of journalism and media. Preparing for any competitive exam is very hard and this article will give you an idea about how to prepare for any BJMC entrance exam. Normally, such exams have media awareness, reading comprehension, general knowledge, and English grammar sections in common. Here is a four-week plan you can follow to clear the exam within 30 days, especially with reference to these sections.

Bjmc Entrance Exam

BJMC 30-Days Preparation Strategy

Understanding the Syllabus and Building a Time Table

The first step of preparing a 30-day learning plan is understanding the syllabus of the exam and preparing a timetable accordingly. Having a clear understanding of the BJMC Entrance Exam pattern and the syllabus of the exam you are preparing for is very important. It helps you in using your time efficiently during the preparation period, helping you not wasting time reading up on less useful materials. It also makes the practice sections easy, since you now know what to expect from each of the sections. 

Now, after you’ve gone through the syllabus of the BJMC Entrance Exam, the next step is to make a study plan or a timetable, after a careful self-analysis of which topic you need to give more emphasis on. Be sure to allot more time to the topics you find difficult. Be sure to give attention to the following:

  • Set a goal each day and work hard to achieve it.
  • Allocate time to revise what you have learned that day.
  • Take small breaks every hour, to keep you motivated and fresh.
  • Make notes while studying, so that you can go through them when necessary.
  • Make sure that you sleep at least 6 hours a day.
Bjmc Entrance Exam
Week 1
  • Reading Comprehension: Practice 4 reading comprehension passages every day. Start practicing speed reading. The best way to prepare for this section is to read literary and non-fictional texts. You can also practice comprehension questions using the following books:
  1. Pearson’s English
  2. Arihant General English for all Competitive Examinations by Hari Mohan Prashad
  • Newspaper: Read newspapers daily and take notes about the political and cultural events taking place nationally and internationally.
  • Current affairs: Read monthly compilations of at least the past six months, especially related to media. Read two compilations in week 1.
  • General awareness: Read up on basic general knowledge in the areas of history, geography, and politics. You can also use books:
  1. Pratiyogita Darpan
  2. Lucent’s GK
  3. Arihant General Knowledge
  4. General Awareness by Manohar Panday
  • Read media awareness topics and very basic theories in media. The books that can be used are:
  1. Mass Communication in India by Keyal J Kumar
  2. Mass Communication: Principles and Concepts by Seema Hasan
Week 2
  • Reading comprehension: Practice 4 reading comprehension passages every day. Start checking your answer accuracy using sample question papers of the BJMC Entrance Exam.
  • Newspaper: Read Newspapers daily and keep taking notes.
  • Current affairs: Read monthly compilations for the next two months. You can also use the following books:
  1. Manorama Yearbook
  2. Pearson India Yearbook
  • Read Grammatical and Analytical Skills topics. Practice solving questions regarding them.
Bjmc Entrance Exam
Week 3
  • Reading comprehension: Practice 2 reading comprehension passages every day.
  • Practice 30 Grammatical and Analytical Skills questions daily. The books you can use for reference are:
  1. Pearson’s English
  2. Arihant General English for all Competitive Examinations by Hari Mohan Prashad
  3. High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin
  4. Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi
  5. English – From Plinth to Paramount (Vol-1 and 2) by Neetu Singh
  • Newspaper: Keep reading newspapers daily and taking notes.
  • Go through important topics in general awareness. Make sure questions asked in the previous year’s papers are known to you.
Week 4
  • Revision and focusing on weak areas
  • After finishing studying every section and topic, be sure to revise everything at least once a week, so that the knowledge stays refreshed in your mind. Revision is as important as studying.
  • Take at least one 1-2 mock tests using the BJMC previous year question paper after you are done with the studies and revision. Analyze your attempts and try to find methods to minimize negative marking.
  • Meditate or indulge in activities that would decrease your stress levels. You’ve prepared well, and you needn’t get tense.
  • Get your documents and exam bag in order. Don’t forget to take your BJMC Entrance Exam admit card and an identification document, since they are the most important documents.

That’s it, you are done with the preparation for the BJMC exam. Follow this pattern of study and be sure to crack the BJMC Entrance Exam in just 30 days.

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