How to crack CLAT is a question that troubles the students each year as they decide to appear for the most sought-after law entrance exam. The Common Law Admission Test is held every year around May. It is set to be held in the second week of May in 2022. CLAT opens doors to admission into the 22 National Law Universities and other top-notch Law universities. To get through CLAT one needs to have a solid preparation strategy that helps them not only cover all the topics in time but polish their time management, comprehension, and critical and analytical skills as well. Let’s have a look at how all this can be achieved in just 30 days.

How To Crack Clat

How to crack CLAT: Prerequisites

  1. Before starting your preparation, it is important that you are familiar with the changes in the exam pattern and the syllabus
  2. It is also important to accumulate study materials and books that target the CLAT syllabus and are up to date with the recent exam pattern and syllabus.

Weekly schedule

The trick to crack CLAT in 30 days is to wisely divide your time into three sections, the first being the learning section where you will learn your facts and information. The second section is the practice section where you will attempt sample papers and previous question papers. And the third part is the revision section where you must assign some time to revise the knowledge that you have gained.

These three sections can be broadly spread out in a weekly manner, wherein you incorporate them in your weekly preparation schedule.

Clat Preparation Study Materials
1st Week
  • The first week should be focused on getting familiar with the basics of the CLAT syllabus.
  • Use this week to study the most basic and commonly asked topics from each section.
  • The target for you this week should be to learn and write down at least 200 high-vocabulary words.
  • Try to read one newspaper daily and make note of the prominent events of that week’s news cycle, both national and international events.
  • This week should be all about getting conceptual clarity
  • Learn at least 100-120 legal important legal terms
  • Revise what you have learned by taking two mock tests at the end of the week.
2nd Week
  • After clearing your basics in the 1st week, you should now move on to more complex CLAT topics.
  • Alongside the newspapers, start reading books like Manthan, Pratiyogita Darpan and other weekly general knowledge supplement books.
  • During this week focus on proverbs and idioms alongside learning new words. Pick up a novel to finish by the end of this week preferably a nonfiction like a memoir.
  • Read about landmark cases and their judgements in-depth and also make note of important constitutional articles. This is a good week to dwell on the intricacies of the Constitution.
  • Solve at least 20 questions that test your numerical ability in various topics like probability, ratio, linear and quadratic equations.
  • Also, keep aside some time to solve sudoku and crossword puzzles daily.
  • Practice at least three sample papers every two days.
How To Prepare For Clat
3rd Week
  • This week should be all about tying up the loose ends.
  • By this week you should be more than halfway through your CLAT syllabus at least 75 percent. Use this week to get through the 25 percent that is left.
  • After completing the syllabus make a list of the sections in each topic you are not confident about. Use this week to then work on polishing the weak areas.
  • As the 3rd week comes to an end you should have completed your syllabus and should be well along working on your time management and comprehension skills by increasing your previous targets by a margin of thirty percent.
4th Week
  • The final week before the CLAT exam should be divided into two parts that are revision and practice.
  • Your first half of the week should be focused on revising all the topics, facts, information, and knowledge that you have gained in the previous 3 weeks.
  • After the revision is complete your next half of the week should be focused on practice. During this part of the week solve at least 4 sample papers each day.
  • Make sure you have taken at least 3-5 mock tests by the end of this week. These are the last few days before CLAT which you can use to improve your speed, time management skills, and any shortcuts and tips that you have devised for the questions.
  • The last day before the big exam should be spent relaxing and not letting your nerves get the best of you. On this day you should be reminding yourself to be confident in your abilities and be sure of having read, practiced, and revised thoroughly.
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The question as to how to crack CLAT is one that troubles a lot of candidates that are about to embark on the journey of pursuing Law. One can be assured of the fact that careful planning and strategic execution can help one to get through this entrance exam easily. Click here to check out the detailed preparation strategy for CLAT.

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