IPU CET BBA is an entrance exam conducted by Guru Gobind Indraprastha University. The competition in this examination is very high. Therefore, practicing the previous year’s IPU CET BBA Questions is a must for any aspiring candidate. With this article, we have covered the best and important IPU CET BBA questions of the ‘Management Aptitude’ section of this paper. Before heading towards the questions bank, here are the details of the syllabus of IPU CET BBA.

Ipu Cet Bba Questions

Syllabus of IPU CET BBA

Reasoning and Analytical AbilityAnalogy, Number Test, Direction and Distance, Ranking, Data Sufficiency, Alphabet, Logic Test, Assumption and Conclusion Statements, Venn Diagram, Series, Symbol Sequence, Insert Missing sequence, Data Arrangement, Coding and Decoding
English LanguageVocabulary, spelling mistakes, Inappropriate usage of words, Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases, English comprehension, Analogies, Fill in the blanks, One-word substitution
Management  AptitudeKnowledge of economic terms & concepts, Business GK and trade awareness environment, Current events, Basics of communication skills.
Business and General AwarenessGeneral knowledge, Current events, General politics, Sports and awards, General geography, General science, Economic Study, Business and trade awareness.

Most Important IPU CET BBA questions of Management Aptitude

This section of the article consists of some of the previous year’s IPU CET BBA questions and questions from BBA CET sample papers. These IPU CET BBA questions have major relevance while preparing for this section.

1. What is the meaning of Service of Debt?

A.  The payment of the interest on debt

B.  Payment of Debt

C.  Payment of tax

D. Payment of Current Liabilities

Ans: A

2. Choose the correct option for the meaning of ‘Soft Loan’:

A.  A loan either has no rate of interest or an interest rate that is below the cost of capital lent

B.  It is also known as soft financing.

C.  Loans are given by the government for projects that are worthy of it.

D. All of the above

Ans: D

3. Import duty imposed by a country on its imports is known as

A.  Lease Financing

B.  Tariff

C.  Custom Duty

D. None of the Above

Ans: B

4. Choose the correct option for Zero-Based Budgeting:

1. Preparing the budget neglecting history of expenditure

2. Preparing a new budget starting from scratch

3. Unlimited deficit financing

A.  1 and 3

B.  1 and 2

C.  2 and 3

D. 1, 2, and 3

Ans: B

5. Transactions that are carried out in the stock exchanges after official trading hours are called

A.  Flow Trading

B.  Circuit Trading

C.  Kerb Trading

D. Black Trading

Ans: C

6. What is the full form of ‘POSDCORB’?

A.  Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting, Budgeting

B.  Power, Organizer, staff, Directors, Coordination

C.  Physical Assets, Output, Staffing, Division, Coordination, Reporting, Banking

D. None of the Above

Ans: A

7. Who gave the concept of ‘Marketing Myopia’?

A.  Philip Kotler

B.  Peter Drucker

A.  C A1 Ries

C.  Theodore Levitt

Ans: D

8. ‘Footloose industries’ are:

A.  Industries which can be located anywhere easily

B.  Industries which are spread over a large area

C.  Industries which have offices in major cities

D. None of the Above

Ans: A

9. Daily price quotations are commodity exchanges:

A.  Are published in leading newspapers and journals

B.  Can be obtained by paying a price

C.  Are supplied by the government on demand

D. None of these

Ans: A

10. A commodity exchange is a place where:

A.  Foreign exchange is received

B.  Stocks of goods are traded

C.  Excise duties are paid

D. Coin and currency notes are exchanged

Ans: B

11. Planning function of management is mainly performed at:

A.  Top management level

B.  Middle Management level

C.  Low Management Level

D. None of the above

Ans: A

12. When an individual’s income rises (other things remaining unchanged), his demand for normal goods:

A.  May fall or rise

B.  Falls

C.  Rise

D. Remains unchanged

Ans: C

13. Keynes effect is related to:

A.  Explain the rigid wages

B.  Liquidity Trap

C.  Explain the effect of a rise in prices on money supply

D. Explaining underemployment

Ans: C

14. Which of the following is not an economic activity?

A.  A student playing cricket

B.  A teacher teaching

C.  Cooking in a restaurant

D. Taxi Driving

Ans: A

15. An industry in which nature plays a more important role than is called:

A.  Primary Industry

B.  Secondary Industry

C.  Manufacturing Industry

D. None of these

Ans: A

16. A bottom-up communication is the message by:

A.  Management to employees

B.  Manager to employees

C.  Senior management to middle management

D. Lower management to top management

Ans: D

Ipu Cet Bba Questions


The above-listed IPU CET BBA questions are a collection of the previous year’s IPU CET BBA examination. Any candidate preparing for the IPU CET BBA exam should revise and review the IPU CET BBA previous year papers. Apart from this, a candidate should practice the IPU CET BBA sample papers. A candidate can easily access the IPU CET previous year’s papers BBA. This will help them to know the pattern and level of examination.

Therefore, the IPU CET BBA questions of the previous year must be given due importance. With this article, we have covered all the top IPU CET BBA questions for management aptitude.

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