Blood Relations from the Logical Reasoning section of entrance exams is one of its easiest and high-scoring topics. It is definitely something you should study quickly and conquer to get easy marks.

What are Blood Relations?

Blood relations are the relationships we form either by birth or marriage.
For example, for a newborn baby, the first known relations are father and mother, and in some cases siblings as well. Once that person gets
married, he/she will form a new circle of relations.

How to Approach Blood Relation Questions?

Once you have a blood relation question in front of you, do the following steps:

  • Don’t get worried by the length of it. Read it carefully and slowly.
  • Understand the relationships given in it.
  • Start drawing a family tree using hints given in the questions
  • Use notations to start drawing out the family tree

Following are the steps in detail:

1. Use the Relationship Table

Use the relationship table to understand and use the formal nomenclature for different relationships in the family. This is important before you start solving the question. Following are some common relationships:

Table Blood Relations #1 | Basic Concepts And First Steps

2. Build a Generational Family Tree

Start drawing a diagrammatic representation or a family tree. This diagrammatic structure must be drawn in the generation order as shown below:

Gens 1 Blood Relations #1 | Basic Concepts And First Steps

3. Use notations

Once you start drawing the family tree, use some standard notations to ‘draw out’ the hints given in the question. These notations will help in simplifying the solving of the question and give you the answer visually. Following are some standard notations:

Nota Blood Relations #1 | Basic Concepts And First Steps

EazyTip: Take care of the following points:

  1. Don’t judge the gender of a person based solely on their name. Cultural differences may lead you to get an incorrect answer.
  2. Use pronouns to predict genders, like the use of he or she in the question.
  3. Be aware of hint words like ‘only’. For example, she has one brother ‘only’.

Now that you know the steps to solve blood relation questions, let’s take a look at the types of questions which come under this topic.

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