Every student gets to know about the top colleges after the completion of secondary education. Be it any field every student wants the best college for future studies. The best way to decide the top colleges is to analyze the placement opportunities offered by the colleges. However, when the commerce field is concerned, the top colleges include SRCC, IIMs, IITs, and SSCBS.

But many students fail to get the ground reality of the placement opportunities. Students decide based on incomplete information. With this article, we have provided complete information about the placement of the top colleges and what are the things that a student should remember while judging placement opportunities data.

Top Colleges

Placements at Top Colleges

1. Shree Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

Shree Ram College of Commerce is one of the top colleges in India. It is situated in Delhi and has been ranked as Number 1 by India Today 2021. The studies and placement opportunities in this college are worth the cost. When it comes to the placement opportunities given by this college, the things are commendable.

The companies that are the top recruiter in this college include Reliance, HUL, Google, Wipro, McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Brain Capability Network, and much more. However, for every course, the recruiters can be different. Apart from this, the highest and lowest packages offered by the recruiters in the placement drive can vary every year. For the BCom (Hons.), the average salary package is INR 9.8 lakh.

2. Indian Institute of Management (IIMs)

Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) is among the top MBA colleges in world. This institute provides both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. IIM is situated at various locations in India, and every college is reputed for placement opportunities. For getting admission in IIMs, a candidate needs to give the IPMAT examination.

Apart from this, the companies that participate in the placement drive of the top IIM in India include Accenture, ICICI Bank, Axis, Tata, Wipro, Amazon, Zomato, and more. The highest package ranges from 16 lakhs to 55 lakhs. While the average salary package ranges from INR 9 lakhs to 26 lakhs. However, the packages may vary as per the branch of IIM and the capabilities of the student.

3. Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)

Indian Institute of Technology is counted among the top engineering colleges and for the post-graduation courses of management. Similar to IIMs, IITs also have different branches at various locations in India. These colleges provide the best exposure to job opportunities. Apart from this, the companies that become part of the placement drive include Microsoft, Bajaj Autos, Texas Instruments, Unilever, and more. The highest salary package is 62 lakhs while the average salary package ranges from INR 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

4. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS)

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies is an affiliated college of Delhi University. This college is counted among the top colleges of DU for the BMS course. It is situated in Delhi, and students have to give DU JAT for taking admission in the BMS course. When it comes to placement opportunities, it provides the best chances to BMS students. The highest salary package is INR 19 lakhs while the lowest salary package is INR 9 lakhs.

Points to Remember while judging placement opportunities | Ground Reality

1. Packages are CTC

Before taking admission to top colleges based on the highest and lowest salary package, a candidate should know that these packages are CTC. CTC means the cost to the company. It shows that a company can incur this much cost on that respective candidate. It includes many things other than a basic salary. It can be allowances or Provident funds, or more.

Apart from this, it is also possible that the package may get decreased after the contract period. It is also not necessary that a candidate will get that much package. There are equal chances of getting a lower package.

2. Changes in packages every year

Every year, the recruiters of the top colleges and the packages offered by them may change. There is no such guarantee that the package offered in the current year is the same as of the previous year. Therefore, never fall for a college considering that the package will remain the same every year.

3. Don’t fall for 100% Guarantee Placement

Many private colleges claim to give 100% guarantee placement to the students. However, one should not fall for this claim. The placement opportunities of these colleges may not be reliable because of the lack of information about positions offered in the drive. It can be possible that a lower position may be offered to the candidate with less pay. Therefore, these placements are less reliable.

Top Colleges


Deciding the best college for yourself is the main decision for any student. It can directly affect the job opportunities being offered to the students. However, it is vital to evaluate the placement opportunities carefully before heading towards any college. A candidate should know that the highest package is CTC. Therefore, decide things after better evaluation.

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