IPMAT exam is conducted by IIM Rohtak every year to screen potential students for the Integrated Program in Management (IPM). The preparation strategies given here would help all the IPMAT aspirants.

IPM is a 5-year full-time course which gives the students a gateway to acquire their Bachelors and Masters degree together. Anyone can apply for the exam if they have passed their 12th-grade examination with a minimum of 60% marks.

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IIM Rohtak IPMAT Exam Pattern

  • IPMAT Exam pattern includes 3 sections; Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, and Verbal Ability.
  • There are a total of 100 objective-type questions, the break-down of which is given below.
  • After this part, candidates are supposed to take Written Ability Test (WAT).
SectionsNo. of questions
Quantitative Ability (MCQ)40
Logical and Reasoning Ability (MCQ)20
Verbal Ability (MCQ)40
  • In IPMAT 2020 IIM Rohtak, the pattern changed a little where there were a total of 60 questions, 20 from each section.
  • 4 marks were awarded for every right answer and -1 for every incorrect one.

Overall Preparation Strategy

  • Understand the Syllabus: The best way to start your preparation is to peruse through the syllabus and get an idea of what topics you need to cover. You will know what areas you need to work more on.
  • Form a Timetable: The next and the most effective method used by all the entrants is making a timetable. This will help you to be organized in your study. Devote more time to the areas you need more practice on. Incorporate all the sections in a day.
  • Make Sure to Keep Notes: It is important to keep notes while you study and cover each part. It will come in handy for your revision. 
  • Practice Previous Years’ Question Papers: This step is found highly useful to everyone who has prepared for an entrance exam. Practicing on previous years’ question papers gives you an idea of what types of questions are being asked and how well you can perform it. It will, hence, enable you to get a deeper understanding of where you stand in your preparation at the moment.
  • Do Mock Tests: Doing mock tests helps you to evaluate yourself. You can know whether you can complete the exam on time or you need to work on time management.
  • Revision: It is advisable to start on your revision 5 days before the exam. This will help you brush up all the things you’ve covered so far and recheck your facts. 

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

Here’s a detailed section-wise preparation strategy to help you further with your IPMAT Exam:

1. Quantitative Ability Section
  • This is one of the tricky sections of the IPMAT Entrance Exam. It tests your mathematical ability.
  • Questions are asked from a mix of topics like Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Mathematics, Menstruation, Logarithm, Tim, Speed, and Distance, etc.
  • It is important to work on basic level topics along with higher mathematics. 
  • Learn certain strategies to save you the calculation time. Saving time is very important in an entrance exam.
  • Referring to previous question papers and doing mock tests would allow you to be more familiar with the questions asked.
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2. Logical and Reasoning Ability
  • This particular section analyzes your logical and reasoning ability.
  • Lots of practice is necessary to do well in this section as well. 
  • Practicing is more important than learning theoretical aspects for this section. 
  • Questions can be related to critical reasoning, syllogisms, statement conclusions, coding-decoding, etc.
  • Learn the strategies used in different topics in this section.
  • Make use of previous question papers to understand the type of questions that are usually asked.
3. Verbal Ability
  • This section analyzes your English proficiency. 
  • Focus on improving your grammar and vocabulary to score maximum marks in this section.
  • Questions are usually related to grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, para jumbles, word meaning, synonym-antonym, etc.
  • Make it a habit to read regularly to improve your overall command over English.

Best Reference books for IPMAT Rohtak

Name of the BookAuthor
The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examination Dinesh Khattar
9th-12th-grade Mathematics TextbookNCERT
Reasoning Book for Competitive ExaminationsPearson
Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningR S Aggarwal
General English  Arihant Publications

Preparing for an entrance exam is tedious but worth all the effort you put in. These strategies for IIM Rohtak IPMAT Exam are going to help you a lot to pass the exam with flying colors. We wish you all the best!