IPM Rohtak or Integrated Program in Management offered at IIM Rohtak is a 5-year long course that allows the students to attain dual degree i.e BBA and MBA. This course allows students to divulge into the business world and prepare themselves to be future corporate leaders.

After the IPMAT Exam and WAT, the next important thing you need to ace is the Personal Interview to get admission at IIM Rohtak. It is an important criteria in which you will be assessed on your overall personality. There are some questions that are frequently asked in every IPM Interview. We will help you in how to answer these questions and how you need to prepare yourself for the interview. Also, don’t forget to check out the IPM Rohtak Interview strategy!

Eligibility Criteria of IPM Rohtak

General, NC-OBC, EWSPassed 10th and 12th-grade with minimum 60% marks
SC, ST, PWDPassed 10th and 12th-grade with minimum 55% marks
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IPM Rohtak Selection Process

IIM Rohtak take in students based on 4 criteria:

IPMAT Entrance Exam50%
Personal Interview30%
Written Ability Test (WAT)10%
Academic Records10%

As you can see, Personal Interview covers 30% of the evaluation to get admission into IIM Rohtak. It is important that you prepare yourself the best way possible to impress the interviewing panel. Follow the basic IPMAT Rohtak 2021 preparation methods, to see a real change in your performance levels.

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IPM Rohtak Interview Important Questions

The interviewers are screening students who can fit right into their institution and show the potential and enthusiasm to work hard. In the Personal Interview of IPM Rohtak, there are some questions or topics that questions are usually asked.

1. About Yourself

Tell us something about yourself” or “introduce yourself to us” are the mandatory introductory questions asked in almost every interview. Prepare a well-drafted answer to this question and do not follow the cliche pattern.

The interviewers want to know who you are as a person and you need to tell them in the most interesting way. Share your passion and hobbies. 

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2. Strengths and Weaknesses 

This is also one of the most common questions asked in the interview in IPM Rohtak. You need to answer this question strategically, especially talking about your weakness.

Find the ways to phrase your academic and other strengths and weaknesses in an appealing way. Don’t just say “I am a hardworking person”, but rather explain how you have capitalized your qualities in different ways. 

When they’re asking about your weakness, they want to know how well you know yourself and how well you can work in overcoming those shortcomings. Saying you don’t have any would just come off as arrogant. You need to be honest and confident about who you are at the same time. 

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3. Future Plans

“What is your dream career path?” or “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” are the kind of questions that your answers should exude confidence from. They don’t want you to have a well structured plan for your future. They want students with a goal or aim and the passion to work to get there. 

4. Your Reason To Join The Institution

Interviewer wants to know how you could be a great addition to their institution and your passion about joining them. This is the time to talk about why you want to learn this course especially at IIM Rohtak. Learn everything about IPM Rohtak and your course curriculum. They would also want to know why you prefer IPM over the other courses.

5. Business Related

Candidates are often asked about the happenings in the business world. To have the basic knowledge about the contemporary business world is key. The interviewer wants to know how well acquainted you are with the practical aspects of the corporate world. You need to brush up on your general knowledge related to business and be well-updated. 

They also ask certain general topics related to business like “what are the top 5 qualities of a manager?”, “how would you describe your management style?” etc.

6. Current Affairs

The candidates are also asked about the basic current affairs. The question can be related to anything that’s currently happening around the world. You need to read the newspaper daily and keep track of the current affairs to answer such questions efficiently.

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If you prepare everything beforehand, you can show the interviewer your confident self which is the whole purpose of the personal interview. Show your charm and be who you are. Do not underestimate yourself. Remember, if you work hard, you deserve to be part of the next IPM Rohtak batch! Explore the detailed preparation methods for the exam by clicking here.

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