For IPM Rohtak admissions, IIM Rohtak conducts the IPMAT exam every year to select students for its Integrated Program in Management. The duration of the course is 5 years in which students get to acquire dual degrees i.e BBA and MBA. 

The IPMAT exam consists of 3 sections namely Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability. After this part of the exam, there is another section called Writing Ability Test (WAT).

SectionsNo. of questions
Quantitative Aptitude20
Logical Reasoning 20
Verbal Ability20
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IPM Rohtak WAT Pattern

There are two questions in the IPM WAT section. Candidates have to attempt this section and write two short paragraphs on the given topics. 10% of your assessment is based on your performance in this section. You will be asked to write two 250 word essays in 30 minutes.

IPMAT Entrance Exam60%
Writing Ability Test (WAT)10%
Personal Interview (PI)20%
Academic Records10%
Ipmat Exam

Format of IPM WAT

Ideally, this section can be written in 5 paragraphs. The candidates should follow this pattern to score maximum mark in the WAT section:

  • Introduction: Start with an introduction to the topic given and do not jump into explaining your stance. The first paragraph should be where you should introduce the topic. Later on, express your stance clearly.
  • State Reason 1 for your Stance: In this paragraph, you are going to explain the topmost reason for your opinion. You have to convey it in a way to convince the readers as well. It is very important to include an example to strengthen your point.
  • State Reason 2: In the third paragraph you should explain your second reason for your stance. You need to go in-detail and provide an example for this part too, to again support your point of view. 
  • Counter Argument: It is important not to take lean completely onto your opinion because it would come off as extreme which should be avoided. Balance your argument with a weak counter-argument. Stating an example is important here as well.
  • Conclusion: In the last paragraph, you summarize the whole essay. State your stand clearly and highlight the main points you have mentioned throughout. Giving a proper conclusion is important to end your essay on the right note.

Preparation/Writing Tips for IPM Rohtak WAT 

  • Topics: Two types of topics can come for the WAT section in the IPMAT Exam; Fact-based and Abstract. Fact-based questions are usually general topics like Coronavirus. The abstract topic would be opinion-based, where you have taken a stance. 
  • Keep up with the Current Affairs: To write a good fact-based essay you need to be well-updated with the current affairs. Read the newspaper daily to understand what’s happening around the world. It would also improve your English language proficiency.
Ipm Rohtak Wat Prep
  • Grammar and Vocabulary: Improve your grammar and vocabulary to ace this section. It is important to be grammatically correct throughout the essay. Take care of the punctuation marks and spelling mistakes as well.
Ipm Rohtak Wat Prep
  • Follow the Pattern: Divide your essay into 5 paragraphs as mentioned above. It is the best way to go on with your essay. When you have a clear idea of the structure, it will be easy for you to frame it fast because of the limited amount of time.
  • Have a Clear Opinion: It is very important to state your stand clearly and efficiently. Do not be unsure about your opinion. Explain all your points properly in a well-structured manner with examples.
  • Do not take Extreme Sides: When you’re expressing your opinion on a topic make sure your essay is balanced with a weak counterargument. You need to explain your counter-argument as well with proper examples.
  • Conclusion: In this part, you are summarizing your whole essay. Therefore, make sure you are not adding any new points in the end. 

IPM Rohtak WAT is an important section of the IPMAT exam. It gives candidates a chance to score more because the topics are usually easy. You need to have a clear idea of how you’re gonna go about the essay. Once you have the structure planned out, it will be easy to produce. These tips will help you get an idea of how to attempt this section and prepare beforehand for it. Explore the detailed preparation methods for the exam by clicking here.

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