Doing your IPMAT preparation the right way is necessary to get into IIM Rohtak for the Integrated Program in Management course. IIM IPM course is well-known for its specially curated course curriculum for those students with career aspirations in the management field. 

Ipmat Preparation

IIM Rohtak IPM is a 5-year-long course that combines both Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Students are given the opportunity to acquire a dual degree after their 12th grade. The program consists of 15 terms. Each term is 3 months long. The IIM Rohtak IPM fee would altogether amount to Rs. 28,73,000/-. 

Candidates below 20 years of age with a minimum of 60% marks in the 10th and 12th grades are eligible to apply for the IPMAT Rohtak

The  selection criteria of IPM IIM Rohtak is based on:

  1. IPMAT exam, 
  2. Writing Ability Test (WAT)
  3. Personal Interview
  4. Past academics.

IPMAT Rohtak Exam Pattern

IPMAT exam consists of 3 sections namely Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability with a total of 60 questions. 

Marking Scheme: Each question carries 4 marks and one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. 

The next part of the exam is the Writing Ability Test (WAT) where entrants would be asked to write two minimum 250 words essays in 30 minutes.

SectionNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Quantitative Ability2080
Logical Reasoning 2080
Verbal Ability2080
Ipmat Exam

Section-wise IPMAT Preparation Tips

Preparing for an entrance exam requires hard work and commitment. To get admission at IIM Rohtak for the IPM course you need to ace the IPMAT Rohtak. Below are effective tips on how to tackle each section:

1. Quantitative Ability
  • 20 questions are asked from this section.
  • It analyzes your mathematical abilities.
  • Students often find this section to be time-consuming and hard.
  • You need to be thorough with all the mathematics topics from 9th grade to 12th grade because questions are asked from basic as well as higher maths.
  • Make use of study materials and do mock tests to improve your time management in this section.
Syllabus/ Important Topics
Percentage AlgebraGraphsMensuration
LogarithmsGeometryArithmeticModern math
Profit and Loss Permutation and CombinationTime, Speed, DistanceData Interpretation
AverageNumber SystemRatio and ProportionQuadratic and linear equation
Best Preparation Books for Quantitative Aptitude
  1. Class XI and XII Mathematics – R.D. Sharma
  2. Class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th CBSE Mathematics Textbook – NCERT
  3. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams – R.S. Aggarwal
Ipmat  Entrance Exam Qa
2. Logical Reasoning
  • This section also includes 20 questions where your reasoning ability is tested.
  • Practicing is the only way to score well in this section. Go through the syllabus and practice on all the topics.
  • Dwelling on theoretical knowledge wouldn’t help you in this section.
  • Students can easily score marks in this section once familiar with the strategies.
Important Topics
SequencingStatement-Assumption Clocks & CalendarsMissing Number in the series
AgingVerbal Reasoning Statement-InformationProblem-Statement 
Coding-DecodingSeating Arrangement Venn Diagram Mirror Images
Direction Sense Family Relation Statement-Conclusion Statement-True/False 
AnalogySeriesSyllogismData Sufficiency arrangements
Best Preparation Books for Logical Reasoning
  1. How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT – Arun Sharma
  2. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning – R.S Aggarwal
  3. Analytical & Logical Reasoning for Cat & Other Management Entrance Tests – Arihant Prakashan
Learn Logical Reasoning At Eazyprep 1 7 Ipmat Preparation Iim Rohtak | Best Books &Amp; Preparation Tips
3. Verbal Ability
  • This section analyzes your command of the English Language.
  • Questions test your proficiency in Grammar and Vocabulary mainly.
  • Reading Comprehension is an important part of this section. Candidates often find passages lengthy.
  • Developing a habit of reading regularly would help you with this section
Important Topics
Reading ComprehensionOmittingVocabularyEditing
GrammarWord MeaningPara JumblesSentence Completion
Synonym and AntonymIdioms/ ProverbsStatements-ArgumentsHomonyms
Best Preparation Books for the Verbal Ability Section
  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT (Fourth Edition) By Pearson
  2. General English – Arihant Publications
  3. High School English Grammar – Wren and Martin
4. Writing Ability Test (WAT)
  • IPM WAT is an important section of the IIM Rohtak IPMAT exam. 
  •  Entrants are required to write 2 short essays of 250 words each. 
  • The time allotted to complete this section is 30 minutes.
  • Your ability to articulate your opinions and to craft a well structured and logical essay is tested here.
  • Follow the 5-para rule in this section; Introduction, first argument and example, second argument and example, counter-argument, and conclusion.
  • Be clear about your view and do not make grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Follow these strategies while starting on your IPMAT preparation. IPM Rohtak is a great course at a prestigious university. Make sure you work hard and give your best shot in the IPMAT Rohtak exam. Explore the detailed preparation methods for the exam by clicking here.

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