Going through the IPMAT syllabus is important for all the aspirants who are preparing to clear the IPMAT examIPMAT Rohtak is an aptitude test conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak, or IIM Rohtak to select students for their Integrated Program in Management (IPM).

IPM Rohtak is the perfect course for anyone who wants to pursue their career in the management field after 12th grade. The duration of the course is 5 years in which students can acquire dual degrees i.e BBA and MBA. Therefore, this course trains the students in the best way possible to be the future corporate leaders. IIM Rohtak IPM fees for 5 years is  Rs.28,73,000. 

Preparing for the IPMAT Rohtak exam can be a tedious task but referring to the IPMAT syllabus would make it a much easier task. The following is the exam pattern, preparation tips, and the detailed syllabus that will help you with your IPMAT Preparation.

IIM Rohtak IPM selection criteria are based on your performance in the IPMAT exam, Written Ability Test ( WAT), Personal Interview (PI), and your academic records to date. 

IPMAT Exam Pattern 

The IIM Rohtak IPMAT exam consists of 2 parts. The first part deals with questions related to Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, and Verbal Ability. The second part of the exam is the Writing Ability Test or IPM WAT

SectionsNumber of Questions Marks
Analytical and Logical Reasoning2080
Quantitative Ability2080
Verbal Ability2080

Marking Scheme: Each correct answer would fetch you 4 marks and each wrong would lose you 1 mark.

Section-Wise IPMAT Syllabus

Below is the detailed section-wise IPMAT Syllabus

1. Analytical and Logical Reasoning 
  • This section evaluates your reasoning abilities.
  • It can look very complex for an untrained eye in the beginning and you need to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that can come by referring to the previous years’ question papers.
  • Practice on the topics given in the syllabus and learn the strategies used in each topic.
  • Do not dwell too much on the theory of this section, practice counts more.
SequencingStatement-Assumption Clocks & CalendarsMissing Number in the series
AgingVerbal Reasoning Statement-InformationProblem-Statement 
Coding-DecodingSeating Arrangement Venn Diagram Mirror Images
Direction Sense Family Relation Statement-Conclusion Statement-True/False 
AnalogySeriesSyllogismData Sufficiency arrangements
2. Quantitative Ability 
  • This section tests your mathematical skills.
  • You need to be familiar with basic as well as higher mathematics topics.
  • Go through the mathematics topics from 9th-12th grade. 
  • Be familiar with the type of questions that can come from the previous years’ question papers.
Percentage AlgebraGraphsMensuration
LogarithmsGeometryArithmeticModern math
Profit and Loss Permutation and CombinationTime, Speed, DistanceData Interpretation
AverageNumber SystemRatio and ProportionQuadratic and linear equation
ipmat syllabus qa
3. Verbal Ability
  • This section is for analyzing your English Language proficiency.
  • The question mainly comes from Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Vocabulary.
  • Practice and work on improving your grammar and be extra careful about the colloquial mistakes you can make,
  • Reading regularly can help you improve your English proficiency so much. 
Reading ComprehensionOmittingVocabularyEditing
GrammarWord MeaningPara JumblesSentence Completion
Synonym and AntonymIdioms/ ProverbsStatements-ArgumentsHomonyms

How to Prepare for IPMAT

The following tips will help you boost your IIM Rohtak IPMAT Preparation:

1. Go through the IPMAT Syllabus

Understanding the syllabus is the number one task while preparing for an entrance exam. You need to focus on the important topics given in the syllabus and start your preparation accordingly.

2. Make a Timetable

Once you are familiar with the syllabus, make a time table fitting all the topics a day. Focus on the topics you are unfamiliar with or not good at. 

3. Previous Years’ Question Papers

Going through previous years’ question papers can help you a lot in understanding the exam. You will get an idea of what kind of questions are being asked and how you should prepare for it accordingly.

4. Mock Tests

Doing mock tests can help you tremendously in improving time management during the exam. You need to be careful about how much time you’re spending on each question.

Understanding the IPMAT syllabus and making use of these strategies can help you score more in the exam. IIM Rohtak IPM is a sought-after course by many students all over the country. Do your preparation right.