IPMAT 2020 was conducted by IIM Rohtak differently compared to other entrance exams. IPMAT is an aptitude test conducted to take admissions into IIM for the Integrated Program in Management.

IPMAT gives students a chance to pursue an MBA degree after 12th grade. The course duration is 5 years with 3 years for undergraduate and 2 for masters. If the student wishes to discontinue after 3 years, they would be awarded the Bachelor’s degree certificate as well.

IPMAT 2020 Exam Analysis: Broad highlights

  • IIM Rohtak conducted IPMAT 2020 on 20th and 21st July 2020 at 3:30 PM (IST).
  • Due to the recent pandemic, most of the entrance exams were delayed and opted for different ways to conduct them.
  • The IPMAT 2020 was conducted in a Google Form format where the candidates could perform the exam in their homes without violating any COVID-19 restrictions and being safe.
  •  The exam was an Open Book exam and the changes in the exam pattern were informed to the candidates 4 days before the exam which led to much confusion.
  • There were 3 sections in the exam; Quantitative Ability, Logical and Reasoning Ability, and Verbal Ability.
  • There were a total of 60 questions; 20 from each section.
  • The time allotted for the students to complete the exam was 45 minutes.
  • Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks and -1 for every incorrect one.
  • After a 15 minutes break, students were asked to attend a Written Ability Test as well where they were to write 2 short essays on the topics given in 30 minutes.
  • Students faced many technical issues as well in the exam because the website crashed for a while.
  • Few tying errors could also be noticed in the questions which confused the candidates.
  • The IPMAT 2020 was deemed overall easy by the candidates. There were no questions from higher mathematics.
  • Based on the aptitude test, WAT, and academic records, candidates will be shortlisted for the Personal Interview (PI)
Ipmat Exam

IPMAT 2020 Exam Analysis: Sectional Analysis

IPMAT Exam followed the exam pattern given below:

SectionsNo. of questionsDifficulty Level
Quantitative Ability20Easy
Logical and Reasoning Ability20Easy
Verbal Ability20Easy
1. Quantitative Ability
  • The difficulty level of this section was moderate. No questions from Higher Maths were asked. 
  • Candidates could easily get almost 13-14 questions right out of the 20 asked. This level of questions asked was not expected by the IPMAT aspirants. 
  • The majority of the questions were related to Permutation and Combination and Averages.

Given below is the breakdown of the Quantitative Ability Section

TopicsNo. of Questions
Cube Root1
Time, Speed and Distance2
Permutation and Combination7
Square Root1
Simple Interest2

PRO TIP: Improve your time management to ace this section. The key here is how fast you can get to the answer. Practice more on improving your pace and learn the strategies used in each topic.

Ipmat Exam Qa
2. Logical and Reasoning Ability
  • This section has been one of the easiest sections of IPMAT 2020. There were 20 questions in which most of them were Arrangements/Puzzles related. 
  • The candidates could easily achieve 80% accuracy.

Given below is the detailed breakdown of the Logical Reasoning Section:

TopicsNo. of Questions
Arrangements/ Puzzles7
Blood Relations2
Statement Conclusions2
Coding and Decoding1

PROTIP: Practice a lot of previous years’ question papers. Do mock tests. Theoretical knowledge doesn’t apply much here.

Learn Logical Reasoning At Eazyprep 1 7 Ipmat 2020 Exam Analysis | Iim Rohtak
3. Verbal Ability
  • The difficulty level of this section was easy as well. A lot of topics were included this year.
  • Most of the questions were based on Word Usage. 
  • Candidates could easily get 14-15 questions right out of the 20 asked in this section.

A detailed breakdown of the section is given below:

TopicsNo. of Questions
Word Usage10
Passage Based2
Sentence Completion 2
Word Replacement2
Word Pairing2
Error Identification2

PRO TIP: Focus on your grammar and be extra careful about conversational and colloquial mistakes that we make while speaking informally. Read daily to improve your grammar and vocabulary.

Ipmat 2020 Preparation Material

Written Ability Test (WAT)

  • Two essay questions were to be answered in this section.
  • The first topic was “Post COVID World”
  • The second one was “What does being successful mean to you?”.
  • The topics were easy and on an average level majority of the candidates could do well in this section as the topics were general.
  • Each essay has 40 marks and a total of 80 marks were to be scored in this section.
  • The time limit was 30 minutes.
  • The word limit was 250 words.
Ipmat 2020 Wat Preparation Material

Overall, IPMAT 2020 entrance exam conducted by IIM Rohtak has been easy for the majority of the students and many could easily score good marks. Hence, the cut-offs are expected to be higher this year. Candidates will be chosen based on their performance in this exam and well as their overall academic performances for the next stage of Personal Interview, i.e., PI. And now that you are done reading the exam analysis, let’s start our IPMAT preparation!

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