IPMAT conducted by IIM Rohtak is a much-coveted aptitude test that screens candidates for the Integrated Program in Management (IPM) course. This course is a perfect fit for the students who have a clear-cut idea of their future in the business world. 

Anyone who has passed 10th and 12th grade from a recognized board can apply for the IIM Rohtak IPM course. The course IPM allows students to acquire dual degrees (BBA and MBA). In the first part of the course, the students are taught the foundation of the course and familiarized with all the concepts before moving on to the advanced MBA topics.

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IIM Rohtak IPMAT Admission Criteria

IIM Rohtak IPM course is a 5-year long course that allows students to pursue BBA and MBA together. IPMAT exam consists of 3 sections: Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability.

 It also includes another section namely Writing Ability Test (WAT). Here, candidates are supposed to write two short essays on the given topics.

After the exam, there will be a personal interview. Based on the performance in the PI as well as your academic records, admission will be provided.

IPMAT Entrance Exam60%
Writing Ability Test (WAT)10%
Personal Interview (PI)20%
Academic Records10%
Entrance Exam Preparation Material Eazyprep 8 Ipmat Interview Strategy | Crack Iim Rohtak Interview

The Personal Interview is an important part of your assessment to get admission at IIM Rohtak. Many candidates find this even more terrifying than the entrance exam. But with the right preparation and practice, you will be able to pass the interview successfully as well.

Ipmat Exam

IPMAT Interview Strategy

1. Learn to Introduce Yourself Well

One of the first questions asked in such interviews is a self-introduction, or the reason for your interest in management/IIM Rohtak. Make sure you are prepared for these questions as they make the first impression on the interviewer.

2. Prepare yourself

If you prepare for the interview perfectly, you will naturally feel confident about yourself. There are some common questions asked in the IPMAT. Go through them and prepare well for all of them.

3. Learn About Your Field

Questions are often asked related to the management field. Keep up with the current affairs in the business world and brush up some basic concepts in management. 

4. Be Well-Updated

Another important factor in an interview is to be well aware of what’s happening around your locality as well as the world. Be thorough with the current affairs. 

5. Knowledge About Subjects

Your academic knowledge is not limited to only IPMAT. One of the common questions asked in the interview is about the subjects from your 12th-grade background. Prepare on talking about favorite and least favorite subjects.

6. Note Down Your Key Talking Points

While preparing answers for questions noting down your key points or certain anecdotes would really help in framing your answer much better.

7. Keep your Documents Ready

The call letter of the interview would contain all the documents you need to carry with you for the interview. Make sure you have them all neatly filed.

8. Groom Yourself Well

How you look and present yourself is an important factor in an interview.  The first impression is real. The way you look and carry yourself adds lots of points. Wear formal and comb your hair neatly. 

9. Do Mock Interviews

You can try to have a demo interview with someone you’re comfortable with to get useful feedback and improve your overall performance. This will help you gain more confidence in the main interview.

10. Practice and then Practice some more

Practice a lot on the common questions asked in the interview.. This will help you align your thought process and answer better at any point in time.

11. Confidence

One of the important attributes you need to acquire when facing an interview is confidence. If you’re confident and sure about yourself, the energy can be felt by the interviewer. Keep your calm all the time.

12. Be Polite

It is very important to keep your manners and follow basic etiquette while sitting for an interview. Respect the interviewing panel.

13. Be Genuine

Be yourself and do not pretend to be someone you are not. Answer personal questions about your hobbies, etc. honestly. Also, sometimes the interviewer may ask you questions that you do not have an answer to. During these times, what matters most is how you handle the situation. Be genuine and humbly let the interviewer know that you do not know the answer.

14. Be Calm

Most potential students are unable to portray their charm in an interview because of nervousness. Try to find your calming routine and stay as relaxed as possible on the day of the interview.

15. Ask Questions

If given a chance towards the end of the interview, do ask the interviewer some genuine questions you have about IIM Rohtak, its curriculum and classes. Be sure that the questions are genuine queries and you are not asking just for the sake of scoring points.

Ipmat 2020 Preparation

Being your best self and doing your best is very important in facing any interview. Keep in mind that the interview is there to get to know your real self and assess your personal qualities that make you who you are. These strategies would help you boost your confidence and preparation for IPMAT Personal Interview. Explore the detailed preparation methods for the exam by clicking here.

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