What will you learn from this article?
  • What are arrangements?
  • Different types of seating arrangements.
  • Methodology and approach towards solving questions.
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Arrangements are one of the most important if not the most important topics for exam preparations as it is seen in almost every examination with heavy marks weightage. In this topic, we are given a set of information, and based on that we have to arrange things to answer the questions.

Sitting Arrangement

The process of arranging things/items/people in a manner such that they follow all the given conditions is called arrangements. In seating arrangements, we are given some information about the sitting plan of some people and we are required to arrange objects, either in a row or in a circular order.

Approach for solving questions

  1. Identify whether the question is talking about a linear arrangement or circular arrangement and how many people/students are being talked about in the question.
  1. Look for independent and absolute information i.e. information that is definite and is not affected by the positioning of any other individual. E.g. Ram is sitting on the center seat.
  1. After arranging all the absolute information, start placing a person/object who has a comparative position from a fixed position number. E.g. Manan is seating on the immediate left seat of Ram.

Linear arrangement

In this type of arrangement, a given set of data and instructions on the position of people/objects are given and we have to arrange those people/objects in a straight line.

Note: The left and right of a person depend upon the direction in which he/she is facing so it is important to keep a note on whether the person is facing north or south.

Example question: Five friends are seated on a bench for a photograph, Jaideep sits to the immediate right of Seema, who is not sitting beside Imaan. Manish sits to the immediate left of Tanmay and is at the corner of the bench. Who among the following is sitting to the right of the Tanmay And What is the position of Jaideep in relation to Tanmay?

Solution: So in the above example, there are 5 friends that are seated in a straight line.

So the definite information is that Manish is seating at the corner bench and since Tanmay is on the immediate left of Manish that means Manish is seating on the left corner.

Now since Seema and Imaan are not sitting together, that means Jaideep is sitting in between them. Also, we are given that Jaideep is sitting on the immediate right of the sea. So the final arrangement would be:

So Seema is sitting on the immediate right of Tanmay.

Also, Jaideep is sitting second to the left of Tanmay.

EazyTip: Always try to interlink clues. For e.g., If we have definite information about A and B then we look for the next information which has A and B.