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Today’s article title is: India ‘flying blind’, needs better data collection to control Covid-19

Did you find words that were absolutely new? Great! Below are the explanations given for some of those difficult words you found. Go through them slowly and don’t forget to do the exercises at the end.

Important words and idioms from the article



Pronunciation: tout-ing

Meaning: to praise or publicize lavishly and often excessively

Synonyms: ballyhooing, blowing up, cracking up, crying up, glorifying, trumpeting, tub-thumping

Antonyms: knocking, panning, slamming

Usage: The new employee was being touted as the one who would save the company 



Pronunciation: bloh-tid 

Meaning: extended beyond normal or realistic bounds

Synonyms: exaggerated, hyperbolized, inflated, outsize, overblown, overdrawn, overweening

Antonyms: realistic, reasonable

Usage: He has a bloated sense of self-important 

Forms: Bloating (noun)



Pronunciation: en-dou-muhnt 

Meaning: a special and usually inborn ability

Synonyms: aptitude, bent, faculty, flair, genius, gift, head, knack, talent

Antonyms: shortcoming, weakness

Usage: His intelligent is a natural endowment 

Forms: Endow (verb)



Pronunciation: pach-ee

Meaning: occurring in, forming, or like patches.

Synonyms: frayed, ragged, dilapidated, run-down

Antonyms: brand-new, new, spick-and-span, unused

Usage: The garden had a lot of flowers, but patchy grass 

Forms: Patch (noun)



Pronunciation: ram-shak-uhl 

Meaning: showing signs of advanced wear and tear and neglect

Synonyms: decaying, deteriorated, deteriorating, rackety, rattletrap, rickety, tumbledown, abandoned, unkept

Antonyms: cared-for, kept-up, maintained

Usage: The mechanic buys ramshackle cars and then restores them 

Practice Questions

Q1) If the words ‘Patchy’ and ‘Frayed’ make a perfect pair, select the correct pair from the following set of words following the same logic:

  1. Ramshackle-Decaying
  2. Endowment-Shortcoming
  3. Bloated-Reasonable
  4. Touting-Slamming

Q2) Create sentences of your own with the following words:

  1. Ramshackle
  2. Touting
  3. Endowment
  4. Bloated

Tell us your answers in the comments below.

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