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Today’s article title is: Beyond taunting China: Does India have a bigger plan for Tibet?

Did you find words that were absolutely new? Great! Below are the explanations are given for some of those difficult words you found. Go through them slowly and don’t forget to do the exercises at the end.

Important words and idioms from the article



Pronunciation: vin-dik-tiv

Meaning: likely to seek revenge

Synonyms: revengeful, vengeful

Antonyms: charitable, forgiving, merciful

Usage: He was disliked for his vindictive attitude 

Forms: Vindictiveness (noun)



Pronunciation: skur-mish

Meaning: a brief clash between enemies or rivals

Synonyms: brush, encounter, hassle, run-in, scrape

Antonyms: truce

Usage: There was a brief skirmish between the two gangs 



Pronunciation: ek-si-juhn-see

Meaning: a time or state of affairs requiring prompt or decisive action

Synonyms: crisis, emergency

Usage: No one was able to foresee this exigency 

Forms: Exigent (adjective)



Pronunciation: pyoo-ni-tiv 

Meaning: inflicting, involving, or serving as punishment

Synonyms: castigating, chastening, chastising, corrective, disciplinary, penal, penalizing

Antonyms: nonpunitive

Usage:  Some punitive measures need to be taken



Pronunciation: yoo-bik-wi-tuhs

Meaning: present in all places and at all times

Synonyms: omnipresent, universal, wall-to-wall

Antonyms: bounded, circumscribed, confined, finite, limited, measured, narrow, restricted

Usage: The aroma seems to be ubiquitous in the town 
Forms: Ubiquity (noun)

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