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Today’s article title is: Why vocal for local won’t bother Google

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Important words and idioms from the article



Pronunciation: ven-cher 

Meaning: to take a chance on

Synonyms: adventure, chance, gamble (on), hazard, risk, tempt

Usage: He knew the risks when he ventured into this business 

Forms: Venture (noun)



Pronunciation: bak-lash

Meaning: a strong public response against something

Synonyms: reaction, counteraction, counterreaction, counter response

Usage: This decision may cause a backlash from the local population



Pronunciation: buh-nef-ik

Meaning: promoting or contributing to personal or social well-being

Synonyms: advantageous, beneficent, beneficial, benignant, favorable, friendly, good, helpful, kindly, profitable, salutary

Antonyms: bad, disadvantageous, unfavorable, unfriendly, unhelpful, unprofitable

Usage:  I agree with the belief that participation in sports has a benefic influence on a young person



Pronunciation: sev-er

Meaning: to set or force apart

Synonyms: break up, decouple, disassociate, disconnect, disjoin, disjoint

Antonyms: join, link, unify, unite

Usage: We need to sever the two joints 

Forms: Severance (noun)



Pronunciation: jing-goh-iz-uhm

Meaning: excessive favoritism towards one’s own country

Synonyms: chauvinism, superpatriotism
Usage: His loudmouthed jingoism will not win us any allies