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Today’s article talks about admissions for higher education in India based on marks and not merit.

The article title is: Perfect 100.

Did you find words that were absolutely new? Great! Below are the explanations given for some of those difficult words you found. Go through them slowly and don’t forget to do the exercises at the end.

Important words and idioms from the article


Pronunciation: uhn-fleit-uhd

Part of Speech: adjective

Meaning: unreasonably high

Synonyms: magnified, extended, increased, aggrandized 

Antonyms: abbreviated, abridged, compressed

Usage: The prices of fuels have only inflated since the last few years.

Forms: inflation(noun)


Pronunciation: uhk-sklood

Part of Speech: verb

Meaning: remove from consideration

Synonyms: ban, bar, block, eliminate

Antonyms: accept, allow, approve, include

Usage: Sashi was excluded from the football team because of his injury.

Forms: exclusion(noun)


Pronunciation: ree-uh-va-lyoo-eit

Part of Speech: verb

Meaning: consider or calculate again

Synonyms: reconsider, reassess, reexamine, amend

Antonyms: spoil

Usage: The teacher re-evaluated Preeti’s term paper but couldn’t find one mistake.


Pronunciation: nowt-uh-bl

Part of Speech: adjective

Meaning: worthy of attention

Synonyms: distinguished, eminent, illustrious , marked

Antonyms: ordinary, commonplace, normal

Usage: His most notable achievements for the school were hung in a list at the auditorium.

Forms: note(verb,noun)


Pronunciation: uh-dvuhs

Part of Speech: noun

Meaning: something that has been successfully achieved 

Synonyms: feat, triumph, achievement, attainment

Antonyms: failure, forfeit, ignorance

Usage: Their accomplishments were rewarded well.

Forms: accomplish(verb)


Pronunciation: kri-tuh-kl

Part of Speech: adjective

Meaning: a)expressing disapproving comments about something

                 b) expressing the merits or faults of a work of art

                 c) urgently important

Synonyms: analytical, biting, crucial, decisive

Antonyms: complimentary, laudatory, trivial

Usage: .The critical analysis of the drama was published in the daily news.

Forms: critic(noun), critically(adverb)


Pronunciation: luhch

Part of Speech: verb, noun

Meaning: a)making an abrupt movement(verb)

                 b) an abrupt movement(noun)

Synonyms: falter, flounder, totter, wobble 

Antonyms: steady, stable

Usage: The injured kid lurched across the park.


Pronunciation: uh-loo-zhn

Part of Speech: noun

Meaning: a deceptive appearance or impression

Synonyms: deception, delusion, misconception, apparition

Antonyms: fact, truth, reality

Usage: She was under the illusion that all her friends are loyal to her.

Forms: illusory(adjective)


Pronunciation: fran-tuhk

Part of Speech: adjective

Meaning: bombarded with emotions and anxiety

Synonyms: agitated, delirious, distressed, hectic

Antonyms: balanced, calm, collected

Usage: As the exams approached he was becoming more and more frantic.

Forms: frantically (adverb)


Pronunciation: mawnt-uhng

Part of Speech: noun

Meaning: a backing, setting, or support for something

Synonyms: build, escalate, expand

Antonyms: decrease, lessen, lower

Usage: The tension was mounting amongst the students as the day of results approached.

Forms: mount(verb)

Practice Questions

Q1) If the words ‘illusion’ and ‘delusion’ make a perfect pair, select the correct pair from the following set of words following the same logic:

  1. Exclude-Include
  2. Inflated-Deflated
  3. Critical-Crucial
  4. Lurch-Steady

Q2) Create sentences of your own with the following words:

  1. Notable
  2. Accomplishment
  3. Re-evaluate
  4. Frantic
  5. Mounting

Tell us your answers in the comments below.

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