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Eazyprep brings to you ‘Words in News’, an easy and interesting way to learn vocabulary important for your exam. Now discover new meanings while also going through current affairs articles at the same time!

Today’s article title is: Supreme Court to begin hearing SBI’s plea against Anil Ambani today

Did you find words that were absolutely new? Great! Below are the explanations are given for some of those difficult words you found. Go through them slowly and don’t forget to do the exercises at the end.

Important words and idioms from the article



Pronunciation: kahr-tel

Meaning: a number of businesses or enterprises united for commercial advantage

Synonyms: combination, combine, syndicate, trust

Usage: He is the head of a cartel of pharmaceutical companies 



Pronunciation: in-vohk

Meaning: to be the cause of 

Synonyms: beget, catalyze, cause, create, effectuate, induce, produce

Antonyms: impede, limit, restrict

Usage: Your act will invoke the wrath of the sea monster 

Forms: Invocation (noun)



Pronunciation: rek-uh-ning

Meaning: the act of placing a value on the nature, character, or quality of something

Synonyms: appraisal, appraisement, assessment, estimate, estimation, evaluation, valuation

Usage: As per my reckoning, this artifact must be worth billions

Forms: Reckon (verb)



Pronunciation: in-ter-ven-shuhn

Meaning: to act as a go-between for opposing sides

Synonyms: intercede, intermediate, interpose, mediate

Antonyms: avoid, eschew, shun

Usage: She needs immediate intervention 

Forms: Intervene (verb)



Pronunciation: buhk-ing

Meaning: to refuse to give in to

Synonyms: defying, fighting, opposing, repelling, resisting, withstanding

Antonyms: bowing (to), capitulating (to), giving in (to), knuckling under, submitting (to), succumbing (to), surrendering (to), yielding (to)
Usage: He will not be bucking the trend of losing the race

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