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Today’s article talks about the decrease in the rate of covid-19 spread in Mumbai, India. 

The article title is: Mumbai Slowdown.

Did you find words that were absolutely new? Great! Below are the explanations given for some of those difficult words you found. Go through them slowly and don’t forget to do the exercises at the end.

Important words and idioms from the article


Pronunciation: bel-veh-dhuh

Part of Speech: noun

Meaning: something or someone who leads a trend

Synonyms: doyen, forerunner, guide, leader

Antonyms: follower

Usage: Susheela was the bellwether of the company in taking such progressive initiatives.


Pronunciation: in-tuh-ven-shn

Part of Speech: noun

Meaning: a) the act of taking part in something in order to change the course of events

                 b) action taken to improve medical disorder

Synonyms: interference, mediation, arbitration, intercession

Usage: All the crime suspects were taken into intervention.

Forms: intervene(verb)


Pronunciation: uh-kvipt

Part of Speech: verb

Meaning: a) supply with necessary items for a particular purpose

                 b) prepare someone for a particular task

Synonyms: armed, supplied, rigged, arrayed

Forms: unarmed, unprepared

Usage: Dr.Sheena was fully equipped to proceed with the surgery. 

Forms : equip(verb), equipment(noun)


Pronunciation: ow-vuh-teik

Part of Speech: verb

Meaning: come suddenly upon and take on the ongoing task

Synonyms: beat, befall, outdo, engulf

Antonyms: fall behind

Usage: A speeding car approached and overtook me on the road.


Pronunciation: prow-vi-zhn

Part of Speech: noun, verb

Meaning: a) the action of providing or supplying something for use(noun)

                 b) an amount or thing supplied or provided(noun)

                 c) supply with food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey(verb)

Synonyms: catering, arrangement, stock

Antonyms: taking

Usage: The provision of food materials to the remote areas is not enough.

Forms: provide(noun) , provisional(noun,adjective)


Pronunciation: mis-uhn-tuh-pruht

Part of Speech: verb

Meaning: to explain or understand something wrongly

Synonyms: misunderstand, miscalculate, garble, err

Antonyms: clarify, interpret, decipher

Usage: I misinterpreted the ending of the book.

Forms: misinterpretation(noun)


Pronunciation: uh-row-nee-uhs

Part of Speech: adjective

Meaning: wrong

Synonyms: false, faulty, incorrect, flawed

Antonyms: accurate, correct, real

Usage:  His judgement aboutRohan was erroneous.

Forms: error(noun)


Pronunciation: stag-nuhnt

Part of Speech: adjective

Meaning: showing no activity

Synonyms: dormant, inactive, idle, static

Antonyms: active, mobile, energetic

Usage: The robbery case remained stagnant for years.

Forms: stagnation(noun), stagnancy(adjective)


Pronunciation: kuhn-saw-luhd-eit

Part of Speech: verb

Meaning: a)make something physically stronger or more solid

                 b)combine a number of things into a single more effective

Synonyms: cement, concretise, develop, fortify

Antonyms: decrease, lessen, weaken

Usage: Jake flew over from Australia to consolidate the family bond.

Forms: consolidation(noun)


Pronunciation: suh-vei-luhns

Part of Speech: noun

Meaning: close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal

Synonyms: control, vigilance, scrutiny, supervision

Antonyms: negligence, unobservance

Usage: There were surveillance cameras everywhere in the crime scene.

Forms: survey(verb,noun)

Practice Questions

Q1) If the words ‘stagnant’ and ‘active’ make a perfect pair, select the correct pair from the following set of words following the same logic:

  1. Bellwether-Follower
  2. Erroneous-Flawed
  3. Equipped-Provided
  4. Consolidate-Efficient

Q2) Create sentences of your own with the following words:

  1. Surveillance
  2. Provision
  3. Bellwether
  4. Misinterpret
  5. Overtake

Tell us your answers in the comments below.

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