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Today’s article title is: RBI still has enough firepower left to handle the situation: Governor Das

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Important words and idioms from the article



Pronunciation: kal-uh-breyt 

Meaning: to determine the correct value of 

Synonyms: gauge, measure, scale

Usage:  The age of the tree was calibrated from the carbon dating data

Forms: Calibration (noun)



Pronunciation: kee-noht

Meaning: the central part or aspect of something under consideration

Synonyms: centerpiece, core, crux, essence

Usage: The concept of peace is the keynote of the address   



Pronunciation: uhn-wahynd

Meaning: to get rid of nervous tension or anxiety

Synonyms: de-stress, decompress, loosen up, mellow (out), relax, wind down

Antonyms: tense (up)

Usage: You need to unwind before the holiday season 



Pronunciation: rav-ij 

Meaning: to bring destruction to (something) through violent action

Synonyms: destroy, devastate, ruin, scourge

Antonyms: fix, mend, patch, repair, revamp

Usage: The storms ravaged the village 



Pronunciation:  kroo-shuhl 

Meaning: of the greatest possible importance

Synonyms: critical, key, pivotal, vital

Antonyms: inconsequential, insignificant, minor, trivial, unimportant

Usage: She is crucial for the team 
Forms: Crucially (adverb)