Most of us are scared of one thing or the other. This can be due to a past experience, an involuntary feeling, or just a bizarre thought. If we try, we can get rid of it. 

But, what about people with phobias? Let me tell you, people having phobias have a different set of issues and problems with that particular thing. There are people who have phobias with unimaginable things. 

Yes, you read that right. Scroll on, to know about some of the most unusual phobias. 


Let me give you a hint. This phobia is related to a very common body part – THE HANDS. 

This can be the fear of someone’s own or anyone else’s hand getting injured. This can be because of any past incident or any injury. 


This is nowhere related to the globe. But, somewhere related to a similar shape. THE BALLOON. Sometimes, it can either be related to the popping of balloons. And, Oprah Winfrey suffers from this phobia. Imagine having a birthday party without the balloon decor. 


This fear is related to the knees. People suffering from a traumatic knee injury tend to develop this phobia regarding their own or someone else’s knees. 


Now, there might be puppets that are designed in a crazy manner. It might be uncomfortable to the eye. But, those who develop the fear of puppets suffer from Pupaphobia. 


This might leave you wide-eyed. There are people who satisfy their cravings with cheese, however, there are also some people who get a panic attack looking at cheese! These people suffer from the fear of cheese called Turophobia. 


If you have anxiety or feel panicked over the thought of losing a mobile phone, you’re suffering from nomophobia. If you are obsessed with checking your phone, you’re a part of the lot. 


The idea of marriage gives mini-heart attacks to many of us. People who have a phobia from mothers-in-law have this phobia. This might be because of a traumatic event they have heard about or experienced. 


Some people fear their belly buttons. Neither they want to see it nor touch it. Many might think that the insides of the body might come out of the navel, someday. 


There are people who think beards are dirty but still can bear it. However, some people have an outright phobia of beards! People having pogonophobia probably are not fond of the no-shave November month.


A newspaper has so much information. But, it seems like some people just can’t stand the sight of newspapers and feel weird about touching them. This is Chloephobia. 


This phobia is much more than the confusion on what to watch on Netflix. People who have Decidophobia don’t trust their own decisions and rely on someone else. Be it small decisions like what to eat or bigger ones like marriage. 


Any person who has seen horror movies with possessed dolls can relate to this. People might freak out on seeing dolls and develop this phobia. Pediophobia is a fear of dolls.


Many people love it when the weather is breezy, but there are some who freak out at the slightest wind. They tend to become anxious outdoors or while standing near the window. This is ancraophobia. It is believed that this is triggered by an experience in the subconscious mind.


This phobia is related to mirrors and one’s own reflection in the same. People think that there is a ghost in the mirror and tend to develop a low self esteem. They are not confident about their physical appearance. 


This is the fear related to strings. This is also linked to a negative association of a person with strings. You can get the severity of your phobia checked online

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