Esoteric phobias are uncommon phobias commonly asked in exams! So let’s get ready to face someone else’s biggest fears. 😉

Ready? Now let’s start.


This is the phobia related to the idea of cleaning, washing, or bathing. This occurs more in children as well as women. Fewer men suffer from this phobia in comparison. Although, of course, this phobia is not a very common one in general. 


This phobia is related to peanut butter sticking to the mouth roof. People having this phobia may experience terror and anxiety if the incident does occur. Their heartbeat may also shoot up. Ironically, this phobia may give a hard time to anyone trying to pronounce it.


Now, this is an unusual one. Opening your eyes is the first thing you do in the morning. But, there are people who are afraid of opening their eyes. They have Optophobia. 


The common name for this is ‘school phobia’. Children between 7-11 years of age suffer from this phobia as they do not like to be separated from their parents. 


Cloudy weather is a mood changer from many. But, there are people who have a fear of clouds and suffer from Nephophobia. 


I agree that there are many people who are not good at remembering names. But, there are people who have an extreme fear of names. It is called Onomatophobia. 


Having bad experiences related to the opposite gender is a real thing. But some females suffer from the fear of men which is called Androphobia. This may be due to some bad past experience. 


Hating the idea of marriage is one thing but having a phobia for it is another. It is called Gamophobia. 


As children, many of us feared needles and injections. But, it turns out, that this fear still remains with many of us even as adults in the form of Trypanophobia. 


Many people feel a little self-conscious when they are around beautiful women. But having a whole phobia for it is called Venustraphobia. 


Many people experience joy in seeing the moon’s beauty. Some even write poems and songs about it. But some tend to have a fear of the moon. This is selenophobia. 


Somniphobia is the fear of sleep. People who love to sleep may find it difficult to accept that many people fear sleep, but it is a real phobia!


Believe it or not, many people just can’t stand the sight of colours. They tend to develop Chromophobia. 


Many students have a hard time solving maths problems. But having a whole fear of numbers is another thing! This phobia is called Arithmophobia. 


Flowers are a sweet gesture to show gratitude to someone. But, have you ever thought that the person you’ll give flowers to might have a fear of flowers? Do find out, because this fear of flowers is real. It is called Anthophobia. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at the first 15 esoteric phobias before you end this topic.

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