The media industry in India is growing at a great level. With this growth pace, many youths want to make their career in the media industry. For this, BJMC is the best choice. Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication is a course that imparts knowledge about both journalism and mass communication. In India, many universities offer this course, be it BJMC in DU or IPU.

A BJMC degree is not so difficult to achieve, but cracking the entrance for the same is quite tough. A candidate needs to have a good preparation strategy, to clear the entrance exam of different universities. With this article, we have mentioned the preparation strategy that a candidate should follow for the BJMC entrances. Before heading towards the preparation strategy, here are the details for the BJMC.


BJMC Course Details

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass communication is an undergraduate course having a duration of 3-years. This course ensures that media industry knowledge. However, in this course, two aspects are covered, i.e., Journalism and Mass communication. In the journalism aspect of the course, print and electronic media are covered.

Even the day-to-day news is covered in the journalism aspect, and particular training is provided to the candidates for being experts in this journalism. On the other hand, in the mass communication aspect of this course, the major focus is on storytelling. There are many entrance tests available in India that are conducted for the BJMC course specifically.

The details of this course are as follows:

Course Full NameBachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication
Duration3 Years
Selection ProcessMerit-Based, or, university-level Entrance Exam
Minimum Academic Requirement10+2
Minimum Score Requirement50% or more
Job ProfileNews Reporter, Anchor, Photography, News Writer, Report Writer, Journalist, and more
Annual Course FeeINR 50,000-INR 3,00,000
Average Initial SalaryINR 400,000-INR 800,000
Top CollegesIIMM, IMS, NIMCJ, VIPS, Baroda, etc.

Preparation Strategy for the BJMC entrance

1. Analyze the syllabus

The first thing in the preparation strategy is to analyze the syllabus of the entrance exam. In India, many universities offer BJMC courses. For every university, there can be a separate entrance test for admission. For instance, IPU CET or DUET. Generally, the syllabus of every exam is similar but there is some minimal difference between this exam. Therefore, it is important to analyze the syllabus of the respective entrance exam.

While analyzing the syllabus, make sure to find the answers to the following questions:

1. Which section is easy from the exam point of view?

2. Which section is difficult for you?

3. Which section or topic will require more time for better preparation?

4. Which topic can require less time?

Find these answers and decide which section will require more time and a better preparation strategy.


2. Prepare a Time Table

Once you have analyzed the syllabus, prepare a timetable for the same. Making a timetable is important because it provides a definite vision for the preparation. Make a timetable that must include the number of days left for your BJMC entrance exam and allot topics for each day. Make sure that you will keep 2-3 days just for revising all the topics. The time duration for each day can be set as per your convenience. The timetable must include a proper duration for mock tests and extra-curricular activities as well.

3. Makes notes every time

The most important part of preparation includes the habit of writing notes. Every time you read any topic, make sure you mention or write all the necessary details of that topic on a paper. This habit of writing notes can improve the chances of BJMC results. Regular notes can help a candidate to revise the important things at the last moment. The major portion of this entrance constitutes vocabulary as well.

4. Attempt Mock Tests

Sitting for BJMC entrance without attempting any mock test while preparation can be the worst decision for any candidate. Mock tests are very important for any candidate while preparing for this entrance test. Mock tests help a candidate to know the exam pattern and to get used to it. Usually, the BJMC entrance duration is 150 or 120 minutes. Therefore, it is crucial to attempt the questions in that prescribed period. For this, mock tests help them to give better performance at the actual examination.

5. Maintain Health

Maintaining health throughout the preparation period is important for any candidate. Stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep can disturb mental health. Therefore, a candidate must eat, sleep and relax properly. An 8-hours is a must for every candidate. During the preparation period, it is necessary to have time for meditation, sports, exercise, and yoga. This will help the candidates to have a positive attitude towards the exam and to have less stress.



Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication is a course that can provide a big opportunity to work with the top media houses. However, clearing its entrance is not that easy. Therefore, to perform better and clear the entrance on the first attempt, it is important to have a good preparation strategy.

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