The growth of the media industry is truly evident in today’s time. The power of this fourth pillar of the economy has made it a desiring course for any youth person. A career in the media industry with an undergraduate in journalism and mass communication. Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication or BJMC course is the initial stage. Many students are aspiring for the same.

However, many students still wonder what opportunities that they can get after the BJMC course. If you are still thinking about the reasons for pursuing the BJMC, then this article is for you. With this article, we have listed the reasons that make this course lucrative or beneficial for any student.

Bjmc Course

Reasons that make BJMC course lucrative career option

1. Right platform to express

In the field of journalism and mass communication, every position provides a platform to express. Therefore, any candidate who has an interest and capability to research and deliver social content is suitable for the BJMC course. A candidate can become a good content writer, or own a radio or TV show. This can help them to fulfill their dream by expressing themselves.

2. Network Expansion

The chances of getting your network expanded are very high in this career opportunity. During the BJMC course, a candidate will get a chance for internships that can help him to meet new faces and opportunities.

3. Travelling to new places

During the BJMC course, the knowledge of the media industry is imparted through practical knowledge as well. For the professionals in the media industry, it becomes necessary to stay updated, and for that traveling has to be done. Therefore, candidates will get the experience of traveling and new things.

4. Salary Packages

The salary packages offered to candidates having a BJMC degree are quite handsome. Initially, the package ranges from INR 20,000-25,000 monthly. But with the experience in this field, the candidates will get increment in the upcoming years.

5. Growing career options

The career options in the media industry are growing and wide. A candidate can be hired by the press, marketing, and advertising companies, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, publishing companies, etc. The job profile of the candidates here will be of a content writer, Marketing Manager, Journalist, Reporting, etc.

These reasons and the benefits of the BJMC course have made this course attractive for every youth. This course is best suitable for the following candidates:

1. Candidates having an interest in content writing and a good hold on a language.

2. Candidates having an interest in working while traveling.

3. Candidates who want to enter the fame or broadcasting industry.

4. Candidates who can express themselves either through writing or reporting.

Skills Required for BJMC course

Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication is suitable for all the candidates who aspire to do the same. But, there are some skills that a candidate should possess before opting for this career path.

1. Communication skills

The essential skill of this career option is to have good communication skills. The pillar of this course is communication. If a person doesn’t know how to communicate properly, then it can become a bad career option for them. Therefore, confidence, clarity, good hold on language, etc. is required to be part of the media industry.

However, during the BJMC course, a candidate is trained to get better communication skills. Be it for reporting, writing, researching, anchoring, or production. Every detail and skill of journalism is taught to the aspiring candidate.

2. Problem Solving and Decision-making

This is another skill that a candidate should possess before going for this career. In journalism, when a candidate gets promoted to the top level, he/she needs to take a tough decision and have to find solutions to new problems. Even in some situations, the pressure is constant and a candidate needs to know how to handle the situation.

Therefore, one needs to know how it can be solved. This skill is also taught in the BJMC Course duration. But problem-solving skills depend on the intelligence and practicality of a candidate.

3. Research skills

Not all information or news is directly provided to any reporter or media journalist. It is necessary to possess research skills to perform better in the media field. There is a lot of competition in the media industry. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to research each topic, and how it can be made better. The areas where research can become necessary include current topics or past information.

Bjmc Course


BJMC course is a course that has a good scope of career. The results of doing this course are visible, and there are big names that are associated with this industry. But this course is suitable for only those people who have an interest in this field and are confident about the exposure they will get.

The recommendation for this course is that it should be done from the top colleges for BJMC. This will allow an individual to get a chance of working with the top media houses. One option can be BJMC in DU. A candidate should prefer Delhi university, IPU, and other top universities for doing BJMC Course.

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