IPMAT or Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test is one of the most competitive examinations in India. It is conducted by the IIM family and offers admissions for the IPM course. IPM is a combined course of BBA and MBA. The duration of this course is 5 years. However, it is acceptable at IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak. When it comes to the IPMAT exam, many myths are associated with this examination. But, with this article, we have debunked all the IPMAT myths that are not true and require clarification.

Ipmat Myth


Some IPMAT myths are associated with this exam and IPM courses. It includes the following:

1.     Non-Maths students cannot crack IPMAT

There is an IPMAT myth that a candidate who belongs to a non-maths academic background cannot crack this exam. However, it is completely false. Cracking this exam completely depends on the preparation that you have done for this exam. Therefore, your mathematical academic background is not going to obstruct this.

2.     BBA degree is offered at IIM Indore

No, it is not true that a BBA degree is offered at IIM Indore IPMAT. There is a big confusion regarding this degree. When you do IPM from IIM Indore, a student will get a BA degree while at IIM Rohtak, a BBA degree is offered. Even at new IIMs like IIM Jammu, IIM Bodhgaya, and IIM Ranchi, a BBA degree is offered to the candidates.

3.     No official IIM degree for UG courses

Many candidates think that no official UG degree is offered when they complete the BBA education. However, it was true in the past. Earlier, IIMs were not allowed to offer an official degree for the UG course. The candidates were offered an IGNOU degree for the same. But, after the IIM Act, it was declared that candidates will get an official degree for the UG Course.

4.     Sabbatical is allowed at IIM Rohtak

Sabbatical means that the candidates can drop out of college after the BBA course. But it is not allowed at both IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak. At IIM Rohtak, a sabbatical is not allowed. But at IIM Indore sabbatical is allowed. You can re-join this course after having a break from the BBA course.

5.     Clearing IPMAT means confirming admission

Now, another IPMAT myth that is very prevalent among students. As per this IPMAT myth, if you score well at this exam, your IPM exam is confirmed. But this is completely false. A good score at IPMAT doesn’t confirm a guaranteed conversion of IPM admission. There are other rounds of selection as well. Any candidate needs to clear all such rounds.


6.     IPMAT can’t be clear with 2 months of preparation

It is true that for cracking this exam, there is a need to have good IPMAT preparation. But it is a myth that it can’t be clear with 2 months of preparation. Cracking or not cracking this examination completely depends on the potential of the candidate. Many students prepare for only 2 months for this examination and crack it successfully.

On the other hand, many students weren’t able to crack this exam with a year of preparation. Therefore, the result of this exam completely depends on the hard work, potential, and intelligence of the candidate.

7.     Excellent academics means confirm IPM admission

There are some IPMAT myths that if you have a good academic score at 10th and 12th, then you can easily get the IPM admission. It is very important to clear all the rounds for admission, be it IPMAT or interview. The selection of the candidate will completely depend on his performance at each round of selection.

8.     No negative marking at Para Jumbles

There is some buzz that there are no negative marks for the para jumble section of this exam. However, it is not true. This exam has a negative marking system, and it is applicable for all the questions except the short answer type questions.

9.     Life in IPM is not good

Many candidates think that if they get admission at IPM, they will not get enough time for themselves, or life will not be good. However, it is completely false. The vision of seeing such aspects should be different. A candidate who gets admission to the IPM course is one of the luckiest people. It is because you will get a chance to study at IIM. You have to give complete dedication to this course and if you aren’t ready for the same, then this course is not for you.

10.  Droppers cannot crack IPMAT

There are some myths that the candidates who took a gap after their 12th education cannot get IPM admission. However, it is completely false. The interviewer is not going to dig deep into this. A candidate who took a break before the IPM entrance exam just needs to clarify the same. You must have a strong answer to justify the same.



IPMAT is a very competitive exam and every year many students sit for this exam. But there are some myths related to this exam which sometimes discourages a new student to go for the IPM course. With this article, we have debunked the 10 IPMAT myths that are related to the IPM course or IPMAT exam.

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