IIM Indore IPM or Integrated Program in Management course is particularly curated for the students who want to pursue a career in the management field. This IIM integrated course allows students to acquire a dual degree from IIM Indore.

IIM IPM course duration is 5 years combining BBA and MBA. If the student wishes to discontinue their study after 3 years they would be awarded a Bachelor’s degree. If they complete the 5 years course, students would get BA and MBA degrees. 

Before we start off with the important IIM Indore IPM interview questions, make sure you read the IPM Indore interview strategy first.

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IIM Indore IPM Admission Criteria

Aspiring candidates should apply for the IPMAT Exam. After the aptitude test candidates are called in for the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). Students are given admission based on these three.

Given below is the IIM Indore selection criteria:

IPMAT Exam50%
Writing Ability Test (WAT)15%
Personal Interview (PI)35%
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Eligibility Criteria for IIM Indore IPM

  • General or NC-OBC category below 20 years of age:  Required to pass their 10th and 12th grade with a minimum of 60% marks can apply for the course. 
  • The SC, ST, and PWD (DA) Category below 20 years:  Requires a minimum of 55% in their 10th and 12th are eligible for the course.
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Important Questions for IIM Indore IPM Interview

Personal interview carries 20% of your marks to get admission at IIM Indore. Candidates are often nervous about this part of the assessment. If you prepare well, there’s no need to feel insecure at all.

Given below are some of the common and important questions that are asked in the IPM Interview:

1. Self Introduction

Questions: “Introduce yourself”, “Tell us something about yourself”, “What are your hobbies?”

This question is asked in almost every interview. You need to come up with something other than cliche self-introduction. Talk about your passion, hobbies, and things that make you, you! You need to make yourself an interesting and promising candidate to the interviewer here.

2. Career Aspirations/ Goals

Questions: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”, “What is your dream job?”, “Why have you chosen the particular career path/ field?”

The interviewer wants to know whether you’re a goal driven person. They are looking for someone who can work hard with determination and confidence. This question does not require you to have your life all planned out. Even short-term goals that are important to you would sound great here. 

3. Strengths and Weakness

Questions: “What do you think are your weaknesses and your strengths?”, “What would you say is your strongest quality?” 

This question is often asked from the candidates to analyze how well they know themselves. They need students who can address their weaknesses and can step forward to work on it.  You need to know your strong points and weak points to succeed in life. Being honest about it is key.

4. Why IIM Indore or Why IPM

Questions:  “Why have you chosen IIM Indore out of other colleges?”, “Why are you interested in IPM and not other management courses?”

You are expected to have your reasons to join this particular institution and choose this particular course. To answer this question you need to have a good idea of the course curriculum as well as about the institution. 

5. General Knowledge

Questions are often asked from the candidates about the current affairs. It can be anything that’s happening/ happened around the world. You need to be well-updated for answering such questions.

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6. Business

Questions: “Why does business interest you?” “What do you wish to do further in this field?” “Top 5 qualities of a manager”, “What is leadership according to you?” “Main responsibilities as a manager”

Since it is an MBA course, you are expected to have ample knowledge in the business/ management field, as well as your ambitions in the same. Questions can be about the latest business affairs or basic management topics. The interviewer wants to know how serious and passionate you are about the course.

You can expect questions similar to this for your IIM Indore IPM personal interview. These are the questions you can prepare beforehand and can answer efficiently. Practice and give confident answers to all these questions.

The interview is where you should be your honest and best self. There is no need for lying and embellishing your answers to please the interviewer, which will be very evident to them. Be confident about yourself and work hard!

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Iim Indore Ipm Interview Preparation

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