IPM Entrance Exam or IPMAT is one of the most coveted tests conducted by IIM Indore. The exam is a gateway for students to pursue the Integrated Program in Management or IIM IPM course after 12th grade. 

The integrated MBA in IIM presents the opportunity for students to achieve dual degrees after their 12th grade. Students are often worried about the difficulty level of the exam and their possibility of getting into IIM Indore.

Ipm Entrance Exam Info

IIM IPM Course Overview

IIM IPM is a five-year course where in the first 3 years students will learn the foundation courses like Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Studies, and Languages (English, French, Spanish, German). 

In the last two years, students follow the PGP curriculum which includes subjects like Economics, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, OB and HR, Communications, Humanities, and Social Sciences, etc.

This IIM Indore integrated course provides maximum industrial exposure to the students with industrial visits, workshops, and internships.  

IIM Indore Selection Criteria

Candidates undergo a thorough evaluation to get their admission at IIM Indore. The IPMAT Exam is the aptitude test analyzes the candidates’ Verbal Ability, and Quantitative Aptitude. 

Ipmat Exam

How tough is IIM Indore’s IPM Entrance Exam?

The IPMAT exam pattern is given below:

Mode: Online

Time Duration: 90 minutes

Sections: Quantitative aptitude and verbal ability

Total Questions: 60

Question Type: Objective (MCQs) and short answers

Detailed Structure:

SectionNumber of QuestionsTime duration
Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ)2030 mins
Quantitative Aptitude (Short Answers)1030 mins
Verbal Ability (MCQ)3030 mins

IPM entrance exam assesses you in all the sections which are necessary for the aspiring management students. The Quantitative section, MCQ, and SA type is the most difficult section for the candidates. The difficulty level of the exam exceeds even the 12th-grade board exams. Candidates are required to undergo thorough preparation and practice to ace this section. 

Questions come from a wide range of topics from the basic level mathematics of 9th-grade to the higher 12th-grade mathematics. Study guides can be really helpful in this regard. The preparation books would be useful in learning certain easy strategies to solve a particular type of problem. 

1) Quantitative Aptitude

Short answer type questions are often found calculative and time-consuming concerning the total time given to complete the exam. However, these questions do not have any negative marking. On the other hand, the MCQ section of Quantitative Ability wasn’t very lengthy and students can score good marks here. But again, the MCQs do have negative marking.

As compared to other undergraduate management exams, the level of mathematics, especially higher math, is three to four times higher than that of board exams.

Ipm Entrance Exam Qa
2) Verbal Ability Section

The Verbal Ability section is relatively difficult compared to other undergraduate management exams. For example, the length of the Reading comprehension passages is much longer, making them more lengthy and time-consuming to read.  The vocabulary section is also found to be difficult. You have to develop a habit of reading daily to enhance your overall English proficiency, which is necessary to do well in this section.

Ipm Entrance Exam English

Practicing lots of previous years’ question papers and other sample papers is the best way to tackle the IPMAT entrance exam. It would help you understand the type of questions that are asked which will prepare you to face them better, giving you a cutting edge over others.

Mock tests are also a huge help. IPMAT exam is usually considered to be testing the time-management skill of the candidates. You need to be aware of how much time you’re taking to complete a question. A lot of time is spent on the quantitative section unknowingly which should be avoided. With constant practice and hard work, you’re bound to ace the IPMAT exam.

Invest your time and energy completely into preparing for the IPM entrance exam. It can be tedious work but all worth it in the end. The next step after the IPMAT exam is WAT and PI which also requires an equal amount of effort. Be consistent and do not lose focus. Explore the detailed preparation methods for the exam by clicking here.

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