IPM Indore or Integrated Program in Management at IIM Indore is one of the sought-after courses by students after their 12th grade. This course is apt for anyone who has their career aspirations to be one of the corporate leaders of tomorrow. 

IIM IPM is 5-years long with the curriculum split into the first 3 years to pursue BA and the last 2 years for MBA. In the first three years, students will be taught the foundation courses to build their way into the much advanced MBA curriculum. 

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Students of the General or NC-OBC category, below 20 years of age who have passed their 10th and 12th grade with a minimum of 60% marks can apply for the course. Students under the SC, ST, and PWD (DA) Category, also below 20 years with a minimum of 55% in their 10th and 12th are eligible for the course.

Personal Interview is one of the important IIM Indore selection criteria. Many candidates are often nervous about this part even more than the IPMAT exam. We will help you to find certain strategies you can use to ace your IPM Indore interview.

Ipmat Exam

IIM Indore IPMAT Admission Criteria

IIM Indore admission is based on the candidates’ performance in the IPM Entrance Exam, Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

IPMAT Exam50%
Writing Ability Test (WAT)15%
Personal Interview (PI)35%
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IPM Indore Interview Strategy

After clearing the IPMAT Exam, comes the WAT and personal interview (PI). Personal Interview incorporates 35% of your overall selection assessment at IIM Indore. You must do well here to improve your chances to get selected for the IIM integrated course IPM.

Given below are some strategies you can make use of while preparing yourself for the interview:

  • Prepare a Good Self Introduction: This is one of the very first questions in an interview. A good self-introduction can make you stand out and impress the interviewing panel. Make sure you prepare a good introduction where you talk about your qualities, passion, and hobbies honestly and creatively. 
  • Learn about  IIM Indore: You need to know about the institution you’re going to take admission at. Questions are often asked about why you have chosen this particular institution. Explain how your education requirements and goals align with IIM Indore perfectly and how much you are looking forward to being a part of it.
  • Learn about the Course: It is equally important to know about the course curriculum and objectives of IPM. You need to have a clear answer for why you are interested in this specific course and not a regular BBA. Depict your passion for the field while talking.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: You need to be well-updated with the current affairs while preparing for an interview. Questions are often asked about the happenings around the world. Read the newspaper daily and keep track of current affairs.
  • Prepare Your Talking Points: Noting down your talking points can come in handy while preparing for the interview. It will help you form an idea of answering each question properly.
  • Mock Interviews: Ask your friends or family to help you do a test run before the interview. Talking to someone you’re comfortable with before the actual interview can help you boost your confidence. They can also give you feedback on your performance for you to improve on.
  • Be Ready With  Necessary Documents: You would need to carry some important documents when you go for an interview. File them neatly beforehand and do not forget anything.
  • Groom Yourself Well: The first impression is the best impression. Dress neatly and show your best self to the interviewers. This can also help you with your confidence.
  • Body Language: Your body language says a lot about you. The way you carry yourself, the way you talk, and even the hand gestures make a difference in the way the panel perceives you. It is said that the moment you step inside the interview room, the interview has started. Walk straight with confidence and greet the panel politely.
  • Always Smile: Smiling can not only bring the tension down in the room but will also help to calm yourself down. Keep that smile on your face all the time.
  • Be Well-Mannered: Never lose your manners and be polite throughout. They are assessing your overall personality. It is important, to be honest, and civil.
  • Ask Questions: After the interview ends you can ask any questions you have about the institution. Be genuine about it, do not ask any just to score more brownie points.
  • Offer Well-structured, Concise Points: Answer the interviewer’s questions in a concise manner. Make sure your answers are well-structured showing a clarity of thought.
Ipm Indore

These strategies can help if you feel a little insecure about the interview. If you do your preparation right and practice well, you can do well in the interview and join IPM Indore. Remember that anything’s possible if you work hard. Click here to read about the important questions asked in the Personal interview.

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