Christ B Com Entrance Exam or CUET B. Com is held every year by Christ University. Christ University offers a three-year B.Com program. The program is divided into six semesters and is modeled on the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). Christ B. Com program promises to provide its students a strong foundation for the understanding of various aspects of commerce including the functioning of business organization and commercial transactions. The course is based on CBCS provides its students with four kinds of paper: 1. Core Papers, 2. Discipline-Specific Electives, 3. Generic Elective, and 4. Skill Enhancement courses. 

To become a part of this program one must get through the Christ B Com Entrance Exam. One question that always gnaws at a student regarding an exam is its level of difficulty. Let’s look at an overview of CUET B. Com to get an idea about its difficulty level. 

Christ B Com Entrance Exam

Christ B Com Entrance Exam is held every year around April-May. It is for 2 hours and contains 120 questions of 1 mark each. For every incorrect answer, 0.25 marks are deducted from the overall score. The exam tests the aptitude of the student in broadly six topics:

  1. Fundamental Accounting 
  2. English
  3. Data Interpretation and Analysis
  4. Mathematics
  5. General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  6. Reasoning 

Each section is of 20 marks each. The overall difficulty of the Christ B Com Entrance Exam is deemed to be moderate over the years. The syllabus and exam pattern hasn’t changed over the years, therefore giving the future applicants an edge in terms of stability of the pattern and accessibility to the questions asked over the years.

Christ B.com Entrance Exam

Section – Wise Difficulty levels 


Students mostly find this section’s difficulty level from easy to moderate. The section tests a candidate’s vocabulary, grip on grammar, and punctuation. Topics like synonyms, word substitution, syntax, etc. are frequently asked. This is a scoring section so students should prepare for it accordingly. If one does well in this, it could increase the overall score of the paper. 

Nchmct Jee Exam Verbal Ability
Fundamental Accounting

This section of CUET B. Com is moderately difficult. It tests a candidate’s basic knowledge of accounts. Students belonging to a commerce background will find this section relatively easier than others. To get through this section one needs to be well versed with the 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus of accounts. Get to the questions that you are already familiar with and find them easy and save the difficult ones for later rather than being stuck on them. 


This section’s difficulty level ranges from moderate to hard. More than fifty percent of this section will contain questions of moderate difficulty but students do find some questions in here that are difficult. The students who have been in touch with math through their school life especially in 11th and 12th will have an edge because of their familiarity with the subject. The trick in this section is again to get through the easier questions first and leave the ones you find hard and time-consuming for a later time. Practicing equations and enhancing your speed of mental operations during the preparation stage will help you to solve questions faster. Also, prepare shortcut formulae to help you solve the questions faster.


This section Of CUET B. Com tests a candidate’s aptitude in terms of logical and analytical reasoning. This section includes questions ranging from topics like blood relations, series, syllogism, coding, and decoding, etc. Students find this section fairly easy; the difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate with a few tricky questions here and there. To keep up with this section students should keep their logical and analytical reasoning skills stimulated by doing puzzles, brainteasers, and online tests. 

Learn Logical Reasoning At Eazyprep 1 5 Christ B Com Entrance Exam | How Tough Is The Cuet For B Com?
Data Interpretation and Analysis 

This section requires the candidate to interpret different types of graphs and charts like a line graph, bar graph, pie charts, etc. This section is easy to moderate in its difficulty level. The best resource to help you through this section would be your NCERT math textbook of class 9th and 10th. Refreshing your knowledge of the topics tested in this section by reading chapters that cover these topics will be more than enough. You could also make use of online quizzes to test yourself on this topic. 

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

This section of CUET B. Com tests a candidate’s general awareness about various national and international fields ranging from politics, arts, economy, society, and sports. This section’s difficulty level is relative to the knowledge and awareness of a candidate about current affairs. But this section is relatively easy as the questions asked to relate to the latest and recent general affairs and knowledge. 

Learn General Awareness At Eazyprep 1 5 Christ B Com Entrance Exam | How Tough Is The Cuet For B Com?

Christ B Com entrance exam is highly competitive where hundreds of candidates come together to find a place at the prestigious Christ University. Besides having a thorough knowledge of your syllabus and exam pattern, one should also work on their time management skills along with their reading, writing, and comprehension skills, and speed to make the exam a smooth sailing journey. 

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