CUET 2022 entrance exam is not so far and is almost knocking on the doors. The application window for the CUET 2022 will soon get opened. Christ University entrance test is an online test which is conducted for the admissions of various courses including BBA, Law, BHM, B.A. CEP, BCom, B.Tech, and more.

The pattern of CUET 2022 is expected to remain the same. The admission procedure will start with an entrance test followed by an Interview and Micro Presentation round. However, there are sources to clear the entrance test which may include Christ entrance mock test, books, or videos. But, when a candidate cracks the entrance test, it becomes difficult to clear the interview round. In the CUET 2022 interview round, the personality and confidence of the student will be checked.

Therefore, to help students in clearing and understanding the second round of CUET 2022, we have come up with this article. With this article, we have listed some tips that can help the aspiring candidates to clear the interview and micro presentation round of CUET 2022.


Things to Remember before the Interview

The interview round requires a good level of confidence. However, confidence cannot come instantly. A candidate should prepare for the interview round by preparing some random questions in front of the mirror. This will build good confidence. Apart from building confidence, there are more things that one should remember before the interview:

1.  Gain a better understanding of the subjects or topics that are related to your course.

2.  Be clear about the plans and the reasons for taking that particular course.

3.  Mention and highlight the co-curricular activities that you must have worked on.

4.  The dress requirement for the interview is Formal. An informal dress code can lead to direct disqualification from the interview round.

Tips for Cracking Interview and Micro Presentation in CUET 2022

Cracking the interview round of CUET 2022 will not be an easy task. The competition is expected to stay at a high level. Therefore, here are the tips that a candidate must use to crack the interview and Micro-presentation round of CUET 2022:

1.  Be confident while answering in the interview round. A candidate should stay calm and relaxed during the interview process. However, tension and fear are natural feelings. It comes naturally. But one should try to stay calm as much as one can.

2.  The interview environment should be kept in a discussion mode. This means that the discussion should go on. Avoid being silent during the question-answer round.

3. If in case a candidate does not know the answer to the question then avoid saying silent or giving a wrong answer. The answer at this point is to say, ” I don’t know the answer. I will read about it.”

4. A candidate can divert the direction of the interview. Talk about your interests or hobbies. The interviewer will ask in the same field then. However, a candidate should make sure to know everything about their interest and especially the recent trends or changes in that.

5. A candidate should ensure that all the details about the courses or college should be known clearly.

6.  The answers should be clear and in a simple language that can be easily understandable.

7. A candidate can attempt some mock interviews that can help him to build confidence and to frame sentences.

What are the prospective Questions that can be asked during the CUET 2022 interview?

In this section of our article, candidates will find the prospective questions that may be asked in CUET 2022 interview. However, these are common interview and has a high probability of getting asked in the CUET 2022 interview.

1. Tell me something about yourself?

This is the most frequent interview question that is asked during the CUET test of the interview round. Here are some of the tips for answering this interview question and a candidate should include the following:

  •  It is better to begin this answer with your name. However, avoid it if the interviewers have already mentioned the name before.
  • Mention the hometown or the town where you are living.
  • Mention your parents’ jobs.
  • Include your hobbies or interests while answering.
  • Never forget to mention your achievements. Start with high achievements and some details about the opportunities or projects that you may hold during high school.
  •  Academic achievement can also be a part of this answer.

2. Why you have chosen Christ University?

This question is also commonly asked and there are high chances of it being asked in CUET 2022 as well. Here are some of the tips for answering this interview question and a candidate should include the following:

  •  A candidate should know everything about the university.
  • Brief the things about Christ University that attracts a candidate to this university.
  • Try to include the rank of the university and other uniqueness.

3. Why do you have an interest in ABC hobby?

This can be the next question that can come after the first question mentioned above. Here are some of the tips for answering this interview question and a candidate should include the following:

  • Never include any hobby that is difficult for you or you can’t justify.
  • Know about the recent trends in that field.

4. What are your strengths and weakness?

For answering this question, one should list the strengths or weaknesses. Be ready for this question else this can be horror during the interview. Always validate it with some good points.

5. Why you have chosen this course?

This can also be a part of the interview question answer round. For answering this question, mention the reasons for choosing the course. Include the dreams that you want to achieve with the help of the course.



CUET 2022 will have both the entrance and interview round. The interview round can be a difficult phase but it is easily crackable. A candidate just needs some preparation and good confidence to crack the CUET 2022. It is better to have CUET mock interview tests or to get prepared for every possible question.

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