1. National Affairs

Three types of Health Care Facilities to be set for COVID-19 cases

The three types have been detailed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare The three facilities are: 1) COVID Care Centre : For mild cases 2) Dedicated COVID Health Centre : For medium cases 3) Dedicated COVID Hospital: For severe cases

2. Government Schemes

MHRD launches “Samadhan” challenge to fight coronavirus

The Innovation Cell of MHRD has launched the challenge in collaboration with Forge and InnovatioCuris Participating students and innovators have to find quick solutions to the Coronavirus epidemic

Quick Facts: Ramesh Pokhriyal is the current minister of HRD

3. Miscellaneous

Delhi Govt. unveils ‘5T’ plan to fight COVID-19

The 5T plan has the following steps: 1) Testing individuals to identify, quarantine, seal 2) Tracing of contact of positive cases 3) Treatment of patients 4) Teamwork and collaborative working 5) Tracking and monitoring of plan implementation

4. Science and Technology

India begins Genome Sequencing of COVID-19

Genome sequencing will decode the genetic sequence of coronovirus The viral RNA will be collected through blood samples of positive patients The study is being done by CCMB (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology), CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) and IGIB (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology)

5. Economy

COVID-19 and World of Work report launched by ILO

According to the ILO report, around 400 million Indians will enter poverty due to the pandemic. Globally, the pandemic will wipe out 195 million full-time jobs

Quick Facts: Guy Ryder is the head of International Labour Organization (ILO)- a United Nations agency

6. Economy

Guidelines for Certificate of Origin launched by GoI

Ministry of Commerce has launched an online platform to issue Certificate of Origin to exporters along with guidelines The certificate is proof that a product originated in a particular country/region and helps determine tariffs The document can be used globally.

7. Economy

SIDBI to provide emergency working capital to MSMEs

SIDBI will provide emergency working capital of up to Rs 1 crore to MSMEs manufacturing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) This support will be called as SAFE PLUS- SIDBI Assistance to Facilitate Emergency response against Corona virus

Quick Facts: The headquarters of SIDBI is located in Lucknow

8. Science and Technology

Chhattisgarh launches ‘Raksha Sarv’ app to contain COVID-19

The app enables the state police to keep a tab on home quarantined people The app tracks movement via google map The quarantined person will have to send a selfie every hour, confirming location

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