DU JAT is an entrance test conducted by Delhi University for admissions to various courses. By cracking this examination, a student becomes eligible to get admission to the affiliate colleges of Delhi University. However, clearing this examination is not easy. The competition level of this examination is high which makes it necessary to have a good preparation strategy.

With this article, we have mentioned a 30-Days strategy for the DU JAT examination. 30 days can indeed be enough for cracking the JAT exam. But the strategy should be good, and a candidate should have a focus on the preparation.

Du Jat

30-Days Study Plan for DU JAT

1. Strategy for first 15 Days

  • The initial 15 days of preparation should be devoted to the analysis of the syllabus, and concept clarity. As a part of the preparation strategy, the first day should include the analysis of the syllabus. It is important to analyze the syllabus because it provides an overview of the DU JAT exam.
  • In this process of analysis, first, analyze the topics and find out the topics that seem to be strengths or weaknesses to the student. However, it is recommended to focus on the topics that are strengths only.
  • Formulate a timetable for the same. Set a timetable in such a way that all the topics are covered. Prepare each topic from the recommended or top books. Reference from books will help a candidate to get concept clarity.
  • Make sure to devote at least 3-4 hours in a day to prepare for the DU JAT exam in the initial days. It is also necessary to give at least 2 hours to each section for better preparation.
  • Therefore, complete the conceptual clarity in the initial 15 days.

2. Strategy for the next 10 Days

  • After the concept clarity, now it is important to attempt the mock tests. Try to attempt all questions of mock tests with accuracy.
  • Apart from the mock test, a candidate should also attempt the sample papers that are specific for the DU JAT examination.
  • Initially, it may be possible that performance will not come as the best. But, it will help the candidate to understand how the exam is usually set and how difficult it may come for each topic.
  • With better preparation and regular attempts, the performance will automatically get better.
  • Therefore, attempt mock tests for at least 10 days and solve 2 mocks regularly.

3. Strategy for the last 5 Days

  • When only 5 days are left for the preparation, it is important to revise all the things.
  • Therefore, revision time should be reserved for the last 5 days. It will give you the confidence for attempting questions.
  • A candidate can randomly pick any topic and try to solve questions. Ask random questions related to that topic.
  • This is important from the point of view of preparing the General Awareness section.

How to Ensure a seat in SSCBS?

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) is a reputed management college that is dreamt by many students. This college is affiliated with DU, and to have admission to this college a candidate needs to crack the DU JAT examination.

Courses like BMS, BBA are well offered by the SSCBS. However, it is not easy to reserve a seat in this college. For the BMS course, there are only 185 seats. This shows how competitive and tough the admission can be in the SSCBS.

Usually, the cut-offs of this college are kept high, and it is difficult to clear this criterion. But it is not impossible to get a seat in this college. To ensure a seat in SSCBS, it is necessary to crack the DU JAT examination. To crack the DU JAT, ensure that the preparation is done in the right way. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned study plan to ensure admission to SSCBS.

Du Jat

What to avoid during the preparation days?

NTA DU JAT is a highly competitive examination, and one should not take things lightly while preparing for this examination. Here are the things that one should avoid during the preparation days:

1.   During the preparation days, avoid distractions as much as you can. The use of mobile phones and the internet should be limited. Using the mobile phone for taking a break is better.

2.  A candidate should never get demotivated with the result of mock tests. Initially, performance in the mock tests cannot be good but it should not demotivate the candidate. Things can get good at a later time when the concepts will be clearer.

3. A candidate should not get overconfident with the results of mock tests. If a candidate is getting good results in the mock, ensure that it will not become a reason for overconfidence. This overconfidence can spoil the main result of DU JAT.


DU JAT entrance exam is competitive. However, it is not impossible to crack. With a good preparation strategy, a candidate can crack this exam in 30-days as well. With this article, we have provided the best study plan that a candidate should follow. However, it all depends on the capabilities of each individual.

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