DU JAT (Delhi University Joint Admission Test) is an entrance exam conducted by Delhi University for admission to BBA and BMS programs. We are her to help you with your DU JAT Preparation in a short amount of time.

As this exam is the most important step for students wanting to join DU for undergraduate management programs it is important to do your preparation right.

DU JAT takes in students for 4 different courses

  • B.A.(Honours) Business Economics 
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.)
  • Bachelors in Business Administration(Financial Investment Analysis((BBA(BFIA))

DU JAT Preparation Tips

DU JAT paper pattern includes 4 sections, namely, Quantitative Ability, General English, Business & General Awareness, and Reasoning & Analytical Ability. Each section will have 25 questions. Therefore a total of 100 multiple choice questions has to be answered in 2 hours duration.

Preparing for an entrance exam like DUJAT can be daunting but fruitful. With strong resolution and hard work, it will all work out. Some useful preparation tips to keep in mind are:

  • Format a timetable: The first step of preparing for DUJAT is to figure out how you’re going to accommodate all the areas of study within a period of time. Give more weightage to the topics you’re behind or weak at. 
  • For the General English section, it is crucial to have a good command over English language. Make it a habit to read for at least 20 minutes a day to gradually build on your vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • The General Awareness section is where you can easily score and save up time during the exam. Be thorough and well-updated with the current affairs. That would help in answering the questions quickly to move on and invest time sections like Quantitative Ability.
  • To ace the Quantitative Ability section, it is important to memorize and learn certain hacks and shortcuts. Brush up your mathematics skills from 9th-grade level to 12th-grade.
  • With practice it becomes easy to cover the Logical Reasoning part of the question paper. Study guides provide a lot of strategies to resolve the analytical and verbal reasoning questions.
  • Revise your topics thoroughly and always keep notes while learning.
  • It’s the best not to mull over new topics a day or two before the exams to avoid unnecessary stress. Be motivated and positive all along and try not to lose your track along the way.  

Syllabus for DU JAT preparation

Students who are aiming to crack DU JAT must commit to it and do the preparations accordingly. Firstly, there are 4 sections/areas that you have to work on. Each of them requires different strategies and input. 

  1. Quantitative Ability: This section assesses the mathematical abilities of the candidate. The main topics to cover here are Time and Work, Differentiation and its Applications, Trigonometry, Simple & Compound Interest, Ratio and Proportion, Averages, and Percentages, Roots, Indices, Surds, Probability, Determinants, Integration, and Differentiation, etc. 

The key here is to learn the shortcuts to answer these questions. Mostly anyone can solve them with the knowledge of up to 12th-grade mathematics, but what matters here is how fast you can do it.

Learn Quantitative Aptitude At Eazyprep 1 2 Du Jat Preparation In 30 Days | Preparation Tips
  1. General English: This section mainly analyses the verbal ability of the entrant. The questions can be related to etymology and roots, analogies, idioms and phrases, reading comprehension, synonyms and antonyms and grammar. 

Make it a habit to read newspapers or other books to improve vocabulary and grammar.

Du Jat Preparation
  1. Reasoning and Analytical Ability: In this section questions are based on time sequence, verbal analogy, diagram, number series, word sequence, bar graph, charts and data interpretation.
    This part can be tricky but, with practice, can be very easy and interesting.
Learn Logical Reasoning At Eazyprep 1 2 Du Jat Preparation In 30 Days | Preparation Tips
  1. Business and General Awareness: To ace this part of the question paper, reading the newspaper and keeping track of the current events are exceedingly important. The questions can be related to economics, history, politics, science, brands, logo, business, entertainment and other industries.
Du Jat Preparation

Sample weekly timetable for DU JAT preparation in 30 days

First weekGet all your study materials ready.
Go through the syllabus.  
Devote 3-4 hours on this daily.
Read the newspaper daily to track current affairs.
Work on all the 4 sections individually.
Go through previous years’ question papers and identify your weak areas and give extra attention to those.
Make notes.
Second WeekDo mock tests online.
Devote an hour for each section again daily.
Practice further on previous years’ question papers.
Keep up with the current affairs. 
Constantly work on the areas you find difficult.
Keep track of the time while attempting a question
Third WeekDecide on your exam strategy; which section to attend first and which last.
Do more mock tests and previous years’ question papers.
Complete your preparation this week.
Go through the formula, strategies, etc., again.
Keep your notes ready for revision.
Final WeekTime for thorough revision.
Go through your notes.
Do not start any new topics this week.
Relax and be confident.

This timetable would help you get an idea on how to do your DU JAT preparation in 30 days. If you stick with it, it’s going to be really helpful in acing the exam. We wish you the very best!

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