NLU Course is one of the most sought-after courses in law in India. The admission to the 5-year BA LLB courses at NLU is done through the CLAT or Common Law Admission Test. The Five Year Program aims to prepare able young professionals in the field of law. The course is strategically designed with a blend of science, social science, and law courses. The course syllabus and patterns that are offered to students are given in this article.

Nlu Course

NLU Courses Syllabus: BA LLB

The duration of the NLU Course like BA LLB is five years. The basic parameters of the course are to bring it in consonance with globalizing India, pluralism, and social integration. It prepares a student to aid practical appreciation of issues clinical legal education is an integral component of the academic curriculum. The course curriculum promotes interdisciplinarity and integration between law, social sciences, and humanities. Some of the courses covered in each year are listed below:

Year 1
  • Legal Methods
  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Torts
  • Jurisprudence
  • History
  • Political Science
  • English
Year 2
  • Constitutional Law
  • International Law
  • Property Laws 
  • Family Law
  • Economics
  • Sociology
Year 3
  • Code of Civil Procedure and Law of Limitation 
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Laws
  • Administrative Law 
  • Environmental Laws
  • Clinic
Nlu Course
Year 4
  • Principles of Legislations and Interpretation of Statutes
  • Intellectual Property Rights 
  • Taxation
  • Labour Laws
  • Law of Evidence 
Year 5
  • Private International Law
  • Drafting , Pleading and Conveyancing
  • Merger, Acquisition and Competition Laws 
  • Law of Equity, Trusts, Suit Evaluation and Registration 
  • Professional Ethics, Professional Accounting System and Bar-Bench Relationship International Trade Law

In order to develop professional skills in budding law persons, the NLU course imparts instruction in simulated settings such as moot court competitions, mock trials, debates, and dramas. Individuated and one-to-one interaction is encouraged wherein each student shall have a faculty advisor, who will be the mentor and the counsellor for academic curricular as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Study materials accompany instruction in each course to promote intensive and interactive learning shall be supplied to all the students in each semester.

Teaching and research instructions shall be provided through lectures, seminars, group discussions, and individual tutorials. Skills of reading, research, analysis, and writing shall also be developed through project assignments and presentations during classes. To maximize available expertise and to promote interdisciplinary understanding collaborative teaching shall be undertaken in the NLU course. Hope this article was of help to you! Click here to know more about the CLAT preparation methods.

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