Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication or BJMC entrance is one of the most popular media entrances in India. The reason for the popularity of this course is the aspects of this course. In this course, both journalism and mass communication aspects are studied. Therefore, it enables a student to find more career opportunities in these two fields.

But, when it comes to its admission, the BJMC entrance is the first step. Various colleges in India offer BJMC courses. But, most of them have eligibility criteria for clearing the entrance exam. With this article, we have mentioned how you can prepare the advertising syllabus of the Media Aptitude section.

Bjmc Entrance

BJMC Media Aptitude

Many colleges in India offer BJMC courses. Be it the University of Delhi, or Indraprastha University, the knowledge of BJMC is imparted to a good extent. However, taking BJMC admission to such universities is not easy. You have to clear their entrances. Every university indeed has a different BJMC entrance syllabus. But the Media Aptitude of this entrance course is similar for most of the universities. With the help of the media aptitude section, it becomes easy to crack the BJMC entrance. Here is the syllabus of Media Aptitude that is common to various entrances.

Syllabus of BJMC Media Aptitude

The syllabus of the BJMC Entrance media aptitude constitutes the following part:

1. Print media,

2. Basics of mass communication,

3. Basics of Media,

4. Different types of mass media,

5. Digitization of media,

6. History of media,

7. Advertising,

8. Public Relations,

9. Media companies, and

10. Media Personalities.

Media Aptitude: Advertising

When it comes to the advertising topic of the Media aptitude section, then it is counted as the easiest topic. In the BJMC entrance, a student will see a good number of questions on this topic in the media aptitude section. It is counted as the easiest topic because everybody knows what advertising is. But yes, indeed, the theoretical and exact knowledge of the same may not be known by everyone.

If we talk about the definition of it then, Advertising is a paid form of the process that aims to promote the product and services of the business. But learning this definition is not going to help you completely. A student needs to know about the different aspects of advertising. Here are the points that a student should remember while preparing the advertising section.

Bjmc Entrance

Point to Remember while preparing Advertising section of BJMC Entrance test

1. Learn the basics of Advertising

The first thing that comes under the advertising syllabus is it’s basic. It is necessary to cover the basics. Here, basics mean the definition and components of Advertising. In all the BJMC entrance exams, it is expected that the basic knowledge about the same will be asked. A candidate should know the actual meaning of the advertising process. Cover all the basics and make regular notes. These notes will become useful at the end time.

2. Know its types

Many times, the questions are framed from the types of advertising. Advertising is done in various forms, be it direct selling, television ads, banners, or any other paid form. It is important to know about its type because in BJMC entrance there are chances of getting asked from this section. Therefore, rather than rote-learning, understand everything efficiently. This will help you solve all the unexpected questions that may come from this section.

3. Revise every section of Advertising at the end

It is necessary to revise the concepts before the day of the examination. It is so because many times a candidate forgets the concept at the last moment. Therefore, take out your notes and revise everything related to advertising. This will help you to avoid committing silly mistakes on the exam.

4. Make sure to practice previous year questions

For any section, it is essential to take a mock test before going for the main examination. When you attempt a BJMC mock test, you get knowledge about how difficult a question can be asked. It will create a flow for you to attempt the specified number of questions in a limited time. For the advertising section as well, attempting mock tests can bring better knowledge about this section. Therefore, attempt mock tests for gaining better knowledge.

Bjmc Entrance


The BJMC Entrance exam is not considered the toughest entrance exam. A candidate can easily crack this exam with a good preparation strategy. For a good strategy, it is crucial to give a focus on the sections that can provide fruitful results. One of those sections is Media Aptitude. With this article, we have mentioned how a candidate can cover the advertising topic of the Media Aptitude section. Good preparation for this topic can help the student to score well in Media Aptitude. Therefore, follow a proper strategy for clearing the BJMC entrance in the first attempt.

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