Bachelor of Journalism and Mass communication or BJMC is a course that is most popular for entering the media industry. The media industry in India is growing at a rapid pace and this industry has great career scope for any student. However, many courses allow good career scope in the media industry. Some of them are BMM, BJMC, BBA, BA Mass Communication, BA Journalism, and more. But, the BJMC course is much popular than others.

But the question is, Is the BJMC course suitable for all the candidates? Can every candidate enter the media industry? Are there any skillset or personality traits required for this course?

So, wait. We have answered all these questions with this article. A candidate is indeed required to have a skill set or personality trait to succeed in this course. Before heading directly to the required skill-set, here are the orientation or BJMC Course details


About BJMC

The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is one of the most reputed and preferred courses that impart knowledge about the media industry. This course is an under-graduation degree. BJMC course duration is of 3-years. During this course, two aspects of communication are covered, i.e., Journalism and Mass Communication.

The journalism aspect of this course aims to impart knowledge about print and electronic media. The day-to-day information and current affairs are part of this aspect. The second aspect of this course is Mass communication aims to train the students for different aspects including, storytelling. A student will be given training and information about the methods of sharing information with the audience.

BJMC course Details

Course Name (BJMC Full form)Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication
Duration3-years Under graduation course
Exam TypeSemester
Minimum Academic requirement10+2
Minimum Marks Requirement50% or more
Course fee on Annual BasisINR 30,000-2,75,000
Average Initial Salary packageINR 1,50,000-6,00,000
Selection ProcessEntrance Test or Merit-based
Employment AreasGovernment or private jobs. TV Channels, Radios, Newspaper, Video Jockey, etc.
Syllabus SubjectsFundamentals of Communication skills·        
History of Media     
Editing Practical        
Fundamentals of Computers       
Fundamentals of Journalism        
Writing for Media Theory    
Editing theory
Radio Broadcasting theory      
Public Relations Theory   
Advertising Theory & Practical    
Public Relations Practical
TV Broadcasting Theory and Practical    
Photojournalism theory and practical        
Environment and Media
Advanced media Research
Media Law and Ethics
Internet and New media theory
Basic media research
Magazine Journalism Theory and Practical

Eligibility Criteria for BJMC

The eligibility criteria for the Bachelors of Journalism and Mass communication are as follows:

1. The minimum age requirement for the admission of BJMC is 17 years.

2. The minimum qualification required is 10+2 in any stream/field.

3. The minimum qualifying marks required is 50%-60%. However, it varies from college to college.

Now, heading towards the question that Is there any skillset required for doing a BJMC degree? Yes, there is a skill set that makes a candidate compatible for this course. However, it is not written or asked by any college during the admission process. But the below-listed skills are required for performing better in this course. Therefore, here are the details about the same.


Skills Required for BJMC course

Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication is suitable for all the candidates who aspire to do the same. But there are some skills that a candidate should possess before opting for this career path.

1. Communication skills

The essential skill of this career option is to have good communication skills. The pillar of this course is communication. If a person doesn’t know how to communicate properly, then it can become a bad career option for them. Therefore, confidence, clarity, good hold on language, etc. is required to be part of the media industry.

However, during this course, a candidate is trained to get better communication skills. Be it for reporting, writing, researching, anchoring, or production. Every detail and skill of journalism is taught to the aspiring candidate.

2. Problem Solving and Decision-making

This is another skill that a candidate should possess before going for this career. In journalism, when a candidate gets promoted to the top level, he/she needs to take a tough decision and have to find solutions to new problems. Even in some situations, the pressure is constant and a candidate needs to know how to handle the situation.

Therefore, one needs to know how it can be solved. This skill is also taught during the course duration. But problem-solving skills depend on the intelligence and practicality of a candidate.

3. Research skills

Not all information or news is directly provided to any reporter or media journalist. It is necessary to possess research skills to perform better in the media field. There is a lot of competition in the media industry. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to research each topic, and how it can be made better. The areas where research can become necessary include current topics or past information.



BJMC courses are a good way for starting a career in the media industry. The media industry today is growing at a rapid speed. Various job profiles are well-reputed and have good salary packages. However, the initial package can be a little low for some candidates. But with time, a candidate will get a promotion and the salary packages can increase. Therefore, a candidate should do the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course from a top college. The relevance of a top college (like DU) is analyzed when a candidate gets exposure to opportunities.

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