CUET B com 2021 exam is set to be held in May 2021 for admission into Bachelors of  Commerce (B.Com). The difficulty level of the exam is expected to be moderate. CUET is held once every year by Christ University, via which students get admitted into the course of their choice, granted if they pass the Christ University Entrance Exam. One must form a preparation strategy before one jumps into preparations. If you have just started preparing for this exam, here are some beginner tips as to how one can ace the preparation stage and pass with flying colors.

CUET B Com 2021: Know your pattern

Before one starts preparing it is important to be familiar with the exam pattern and the marking scheme.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Maximum Marks: 120
  • Correct answer: +1 mark
  • Incorrect answer: – 0.25 mark

CUET B.com tests the students broadly on these six topics. Each of these topics carries 20 marks each.

  • Fundamental Accounting
  • English
  • Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • General knowledge and Current affairs

CUET: Know your subjects

The first step of your preparation strategy should be to know your subjects. Once you are aware of the areas that the exam is going to test you on, you should then dwell on the intricacies of each topic in detail.

  • This part would incorporate various questions ranging from easy to moderate. This section would include questions regarding, syntax, grammar, vocabulary, etc. Therefore, it is important to work on your:
  1.  Vocabular
  2. Comprehension
  • To improve your vocabulary, one should aim at increasing it. Make use of various reading apps available that cater to this. Incorporate and learn new words in your every-day conversation.
  • To improve comprehension, start solving reading passages, read content that exposes you to difficult words. Improve reading habits by keeping some time aside in the day to indulge in reading books, articles, newspapers, etc.
  • Learn and understand the basic rules of grammar. Test yourself frequently with regards to rules of grammar and punctuation. Practice games like a crossword puzzle or scrabbles. 
  • Pay special attention to colloquial errors. Such errors are often asked in the exams.
Nchmct Jee Exam Verbal Ability
  • This section is termed as fairly easy, but also has some tricky questions, in the CUET B.com exam. It involves various qualitative and quantitative logical reasoning questions. To ace this section, focus on frequent and constant practice. Solve as many reasoning questions as possible.
  • Dedicate at least an hour every day to finding and solving puzzles that test  your symbolic, numerical, and relative associations.
  • Practice games like sudoku or brain teasers to stimulate your brain.
  • Develop your own ways to solve questions quickly and accurately.
Cuet Syllabus
General knowledge and Current Affairs
  • For this section, the main focus should be on keeping yourself updated with the news. Read newspapers daily, especially focus on the economic and political sectors.
  • Refresh your historical knowledge by re-reading 9th and 10th NCERT history and political science textbooks.
  • Maintain a journal, noting down at least fifteen general knowledge facts each day. For this start with the basics.
Learn General Awareness At Eazyprep 1 5 Cuet B Com 2021 | Beginners' Preparation Strategy
  • Start with the NCERT textbooks first. Cover the topics that were taught to you in class 10th, 11th, and 12th.
  • Focus on learning important formulas. Practice the application of these formulas by dedicating some time every day to solving equations.
  • Decode the pattern as given in the previous year’s question papers and solve the questions provided there.
Cuet 2021 B.com
Fundamental Accounting
  •  For the preparation of this section for the CUET B. Com exam, one should focus on solving and practicing accounts questions.
  • Refresh the knowledge of the basics using your 11th and 12th syllabus. Take the help of reference books or NCERT textbooks.
  • Maintain a notebook where you can note important definitions, formulas, theories, and facts relating to this section.
Data Interpretation and Analysis
  • The difficulty level of this section ranges from easy to moderate. This section is relatively easier but requires some amount of practice that will help in interpreting different types of graphs and charts.
  • Practice interpretation and analysis of pie charts, bar graphs, diagrams, and analytical passages.
  • Practice questions that are available in 9th and 10th textbooks.
  • Make sure you are well-versed with topics of average and percentage, both of which come of use in this section.

Things to keep in mind

Aside from being in touch with the syllabus and exam pattern, one also needs to focus on things that will add value to their skill sets and mental health during this competitive time.

  1. Introspect: It is important to evaluate your current skill set and accordingly divide your time between your weak and strong points when it comes to the syllabus.
  1. Time Management: Besides syllabus management, one should also focus on the management of time. It is important to focus on and improve one’s reading and writing speed. One should also focus on the management of time and speed required in solving mental operations.
  1. Short cuts: One should focus on developing their own shortcuts and tricks that will help them save time during the CUET exam.
  1. Scheduling: Develop a schedule before studying that has concentrated areas dedicated to each section like practice, mock tests, and revision.
  1. Analyse and Practice Previous Year Papers: Make sure you have gone through previous five years papers in detail and analysed the exam trends, importance of each topic and question pattern, in detail.
  1. Take a break: Last but certainly not the least is to remember to take a break. Entrances can be an anxiety-inducing time, so it is important that from time to time you take a break away from the studies. During the break indulge in activities that will refresh your mind like, going for a walk, meditating, listening to music, or watching your favourite TV show.

CUET B Com 2021 will see hundreds of applicants like it does every year. During this time when the competition will be high, strategic, and early preparation will help one to ace this exam and unlock the gateway to incredible opportunities. 

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