CUET Syllabus and CUET exam pattern are important to look at, before appearing for the CUET or Common University Entrance Test, which is conducted jointly by National Testing Agency in 53 central universities for admission in UG, PG, Integrated, Diploma and PhD courses. Conducted across 547 cities in India and 13 cities abroad, the National Testing Agency coordinates the exam. This article will give you an idea of the exam pattern and the syllabus of the CUET entrance exam.

Cucet Syllabus

CUET Exam Pattern

CUCT pattern can be understood as follows:

Mode: Online


Slot 1: 3 Hours 15 Minutes

Slot 2: 3 Hours 45 Minutes (May vary as per the choice of sections)

Sections: 4

  • Section IA
  • Section IB
  • Section II
  • Section III

No. of Questions

SectionsSubjects/ TestsNo. of QuestionsTo be AttemptedDuration
Section IA

Section IB
13 Languages

19 Languages
5040 in each language45 minutes for each language
Section II 27 Domain-specific Subjects504045 minutes for each subject
Section III General Test756060 minutes

Marking Scheme: Each correct answer will get a score of +4 marks, and each wrong answer will get a score of -1 mark.

Question Paper Pattern: There will be a section A and a section B for the exam, the latter consisting of the questions from the domain knowledge which differs according to the course you are applying for, like BCom, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, etc. Section A will have the rest of the subjects.

Central University Combined Entrance Test

CUET Syllabus 

For starting your CUCET preparation, the first step is to read and understand the entrance exam syllabus and focus on the important topics of each section. Here we provide the syllabus for the common sections of the exam. The questions from the Domain Knowledge section test your basic knowledge in the specialization or course subject you are applying for and hence do not have a set syllabus. The CUET syllabus has been discussed separately for each subject and section below. 

CUET UG Syllabus 2022- Part A

The Part A of the CUET 2022 Exam consists of questions from sections- English, Numerical Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Analytical Skills, Reasoning, General Aptitude and General Knowledge. 

CUET UG Syllabus for Language Test

The students’ fluency in the language is to be tested through questions asked in Reading Comprehension (based on different types of passages–Factual, Literary and Narrative [Literary Aptitude & Vocabulary].

CUET UG Syllabus for Domain Subject

As per the NCERT model syllabus as applicable to Class XII only for the subject students choose while filling their CUET 2022 Application Form. 

CUET UG Syllabus for General Test

The General Awareness section includes static General Knowledge, while questions on Current Affairs will gauge a candidate’s knowledge of national & international current affairs. Let’s have a look at the General Awareness and Current Affairs topics for CUET 2022 exam.

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Current Affairs
  3. General Mental Ability
  4. Numerical Ability
  5. Quantitative Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra geometry/mensuration/stat taught till Grade 8)
  6. Logical and Analytical Reasoning

CUET UG Syllabus 2022- Domain Subjects

CUET UG Syllabus for Chemistry

The topics related to Chemistry covered in CUET Syllabus 2022 are discussed below:

  1. Atomic Structure
  2. Chemical Bonding
  3. Redox Reactions
  4. Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics
  5. Acid-Base Concepts
  6. Electrochemistry
  7. Catalysis
  8. Colloids,
  9. Colligative Properties of Solution
  10. Periodic Table
  11. Preparation and Properties
  12. Thermochemistry
  13. General Organic Chemistry
  14. Reaction intermediates
  15. Isomerism
  16. Polymers
  17. Carbohydrates
  18. Preparation and Properties
  19. Solid State
  20. Petroleum

CUET UG Syllabus for Physics

The topics related to Physics covered in CUET Syllabus 2022 are provided below:

  1. Measurement
  2. Motion in one dimension
  3. Laws of Motion
  4. Motion in two dimensions
  5. Work, Power and Energy
  6. Linear Momentum & collisions
  7. Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis
  8. Gravitation
  9. Oscillatory motion
  10. Mechanics of solids and fluids
  11. Heat and thermodynamics
  12. Wave
  13. Electrostatics
  14. Current Electricity
  15. Magnetic Effect of Current
  16. Matter
  17. Electromagnetic induction
  18. Ray Optics and optical instruments
  19. Wave Optics
  20. Modern Physics

CUET UG Syllabus for Mathematics

The topics related to Maths covered in CUET Syllabus 2022 are given below:

  1. Algebra
  2. Probability
  3. Trigonometry
  4. Coordinate Geometry
  5. Calculus
  6. Vectors
  7. Dynamics and Statics

CUET UG Syllabus for Zoology

The topics related to Zoology covered in CUET Syllabus 2022 are given below:

  1. Origin of Life
  2. Organic Evolution
  3. Mechanism of Organic Evolution
  4. Human Genetics and Eugenics
  5. Applied Biology
  6. Mammalian Anatomy (Eg. Rabbit)
  7. Animal Physiology
  8. Comparison between Periplaneta and Blatta

CUET UG Syllabus for Botany

The topics related to Botany covered in CUET Syllabus 2022 are given below:

  1. Plant Cell
  2. Protoplasm
  3. Ecology
  4. Ecosystem
  5. Genetics
  6. Seeds in angiosperms plants
  7. Fruits
  8. Cell differentiation Plant Tissue
  9. Anatomy of Root, stem and leaf
  10. Important phylums
  11. Soil
  12. Photosynthesis
Cucet Syllabus

The consideration of the pattern and CUET syllabus is very important when it comes to time management during the preparation period as well as during the CUET examination. Knowledge of the syllabus makes the preparation for the exam easier and the knowledge of the pattern makes the practice sessions of the exam easier and more time-efficient. Hence, knowing the CUET syllabus and pattern are very essential to clear the entrance exam. Hope this article was of help!

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