IPU CET questions are much needed by aspiring students while preparing. But, sometimes the IPU CET previous year papers become difficult to download. To solve this problem, we have come up with this article. With this article, we have listed IPU CET questions for the General awareness section of this examination.

Before heading towards the IPU CET questions for the General awareness section, here are the details for the IPU CET BBA examination.

Ipu Cet Questions

Exam Details of IPU CET BBA

IPU CET BBA is an entrance exam conducted by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. This examination is now conducted through online mode. Further details of this exam are as follows:

Duration150 minutes
Application ModeOnline
Number of SectionsFour, including·        
English Language·        
Quantitative Aptitude·        
Logical and Analytical Reasoning·        
General Awareness
Exam ModeOnline
Question TypeObjective

Why solving IPU CET BBA Previous year’s Papers is important?

For any competitive exam, solving the previous year’s questions is important. In the IPU CET examination as well, the previous year’s questions are relevant. Solving the previous year’s IPU CET questions can help a candidate to know about the level and pattern of the examination.

It can also help the student in time management. Apart from solving previous year IPU CET questions, solving the IPU CET sample paper becomes important.

Important IPU CET Questions of General Awareness Section

In this section, a candidate will find the general awareness questions of the IPU CET previous year papers BBA. However, in this section, a candidate will find only static GK questions that had already appeared in the previous year’s examination.

1. Limnology is the study of:

A Waterfalls

B. Lakes

C. Limestones

D. Oceans

Ans: B

2. The currency of Suriname is called:

A Guilder

B. Taka

C. Deutsch

D. Dollar

Ans: A

3. Alexander defeated Porus in the Battle of

A Khyber Pass

B. Kalinga

C. Panipat

D. Hydaspas

Ans: D

4. Who wrote the book “The Flight of Pigeons”?

A Ruskin Bond

B. Khushwant Singh

C. O.V. Vijayan

D. V.S. Naipaul

Ans: A

5. Who invented Antiseptic?

A Sir William Ramsay

B. Dr. C.F. Brush

C. Dr. Felix Hoffman

D. Dr. Joseph Lister

Ans: D

6. The Capital of Switzerland is:

A Damascus

B. Geneva

C. Swiss Confederation

D. Berne

Ans: D

7. The Headquarters of the International Red Cross is at:

A. Geneva

B. London

C. Paris

D. Washington

Ans: A

8. Who invented the Electric fan?

A Gottfried Leibniz

B. Wheeler

C. Thomas Alva Edison

D. W.H. Selley

Ans: B

9. The Headquarters of Common Wealth of Independence State (CIS) is

A. Rome

B. Manila

C. Cairo

D. Kirova

Ans: D

10. Autoecology is the study of:

A Species

B. Ecology

C. Environment

D. None of the above

Ans: A

11. . …………….. a written public declaration of the intentions, opinions, or motives of the sovereign of a leader, party, or body.

A Policy recommendation

B. Manifesto

C. Charter of demands

D. Mandate

Ans: B

12. The first Shuttle to go in space was:

A Columbia

B. Viking-I

C. Space Group I

D. None of the above

Ans: A

13. The first Indian to cross the English Channel

A Nagender Singh

B. Mihir Sen

C. S. Mukherjee

D. Sukumar Sen

Ans: B

14. Workers Day with the slogan “workers of the world unite” is celebrated on:

A. first day of April

B. First day of June

C. First day of May

D. First day of December

Ans: C

15. ………….. is an order from the Supreme Court or a High Court to restrain a person from acting in an office to which he is not entitled

A Quorum

B. Quisling

C. Quarantine

D. Quo Warranto

Ans: D

16. ………… rocks are originally igneous and sedimentary but have been changed by pressure, heat, or action of water.

A. Salt Rocks

B. Weathering Rocks

C. Metamorphic Rocks

D. None of the above

Ans: C

17. The World Greatest man-made lake is:

A. Owen Falls

B. Kariba Falls

C. Guri

D. Zeya

Ans: A

18. Who was the first Indian Republic?

A. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

B. Sir Mountbatten

C. Dr. Rajinder Prasad

D. Mahatma Gandhi

Ans: C

19. . ………. is an instrument for measuring the strength of the direct current.

A. Tele Galvanometer

B. Telemeter

C. Tangent Galvanometer

D. Simple Galvanometer

Ans: C

20. The Headquarters of Officers’ Training Academy is at:

A. Pune

B. Chennai

C. Dehradun

D. Kolkata

Ans: B

Ipu Cet Questions


Practising IPU CET questions is important from the point of view of practicing. General Awareness is a section that can be trouble for the students. Therefore, it is important to solve previous year’s IPU CET questions for this examination. But, other than the IPU CET questions of the previous year, an aspiring student must solve the IPU CET BBA sample papers.

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