IPU CET BBA preparation strategy is important for any aspiring candidate. It is an admission entrance test conducted by Indraprastha University for BBA courses. An aspiring candidate must have a proper time for preparing for the exam effectively. But, in case you are short on time for preparation for the IPU CET BBA exam, then this article is for you.

With this article, a candidate can have a better understanding of the IPU CET BBA and can know how to prepare for the GGSIPU CET BBA exam even in a short period.

Tips for IPU CET BBA preparation Strategy

1. Know about the syllabus and analyze the exam pattern

The first and foremost step for preparing an effective strategy for any exam like IPU CET BBA includes the knowledge and analysis of the syllabus. The overview of the syllabus helps a student to know areas that can be a threat to their IPU CET BBA exam. Therefore, knowledge of the IPU BBA entrance exam is a must.

IPU CET BBA Syllabus

Reasoning and Analytical AbilityAnalogy, Number Test, Direction and Distance, Ranking, Data Sufficiency, Alphabet, Logic Test, Assumption and Conclusion Statements, Venn Diagram, Series, Symbol Sequence, Insert Missing sequence, Data Arrangement, Coding and Decoding
English LanguageVocabulary, spelling mistakes, Inappropriate usage of words, Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases, English comprehension, Analogies, Fill in the blanks, One-word substitution
ArithmeticRatio and proportion, Fractions and Decimals, Square Roots, Number Theory, Surds and Indices, Mensuration, Data Sufficiency, HCF and LCM, Profit and Loss, Data Interpretation, Discounts, Percentage, Volume, Algorithms, Average, Data Comparison, Approximation Commercial Math
Business and General AwarenessGeneral knowledge, Current events, General politics, Sports and awards, General geography, General science, Economic Study, Business and trade awareness.

The next thing a student should do is to analyze the exam pattern. This analysis includes the following questions that a student must find the answer for it:

1. Which section seems to be the threat for you?

2. Which section seems to be an opportunity for you?

3. In the last 5 years, what are the topics that are repeated in the GGSIPU CET BBA exam?

4. How much time should you devote to one section?

5. How to attempt the IPU CET BBA exam?

Time Management

2. Study as per proper Time Table

The next step after syllabus analysis is to make a proper Time table. Time table is important because when a student is short of time for preparation, then it becomes necessary to have time management. Time table can help you to manage time.

Make a timetable that must include the number of days left for your IPU BBA entrance exam and allot topics for each day. Make sure that you will keep 2-3 days just for revising all the topics. The time duration for each day can be set as per your convenience. The timetable must include a proper duration for mock tests and extra-curricular activities.

3. Make a habit of writing Notes

The most important part of preparation includes the habit of writing notes. Every time you read any topic, make sure you mention or write all the important details of that topic on a paper. This habit of writing notes can improve your GGSIPU BBA result.

Notes can help a candidate to revise the important things at the last moment. Vocabulary words are some of those important things that must be revised at the last moment of IPU CET BBA exam preparation.

4. Attempt Mock Tests

Seating for IPU CET BBA entrance without attempting any mock test while preparation can be the worst decision for any candidate. Mock tests are very important for any candidate while preparing for IPU CET BBA.

Mock tests help a candidate to know the exam pattern and to get used to it. IPU CET BBA exam is of 150 minutes which makes it necessary for the candidate to manage the speed and accuracy level among 100 questions. Mock tests help them to give better performance at the actual examination.

5. Maintain Health

Maintaining health throughout the preparation period is important for any candidate. Stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep can disturb mental health. Therefore, a candidate must eat, sleep and relax properly. The sleep of 8-hours is a must for every candidate.

During the preparation period, it is necessary to have time for meditation, sports, exercise, and yoga. This will help the candidates to have a positive attitude towards the IPU CET BBA exam and to have less stress.


The IPU CET BBA examination is not difficult to crack but a candidate needs to have full focus on the preparation. Ideally, an aspiring student should start preparing for the IPU BBA exam 4 months before the exam. But, if in any case, a candidate is left with only a short time for preparation, then the above following tips can help him to improve the BBA IPU result

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