1. Economy

ADB gives an assurance of 2.2 billion USD loan to India

India had approached ADB (Asian Development Bank) and AIID (Asian African Infrastructure Investment Bank) for economic assistance against the pandemic The funds from ADB are to be used by India to address economic impacts of COVID-19

Quick Facts: Asian Development Bank was founded in 1966 for social and regional integration

2. Science and Technology

Plasma Therapy Treatment approved by ICMR

The Indian Council of Medical Research has approved plasma therapy as potential treatment for COVID-19 In this therapy, antibodies of patients who have successfully recovered from the virus are transfused into critically-ill patients to boost their immunity

3. Miscellaneous

Apple & Google join hands to fight Covid-19

The tech companies will collaborate on a “contact tracing” system This system will identify people in contact with an infected person and alert users

4. National Affairs

Dhaaga initiative of TATA Power

Along with GoI, several coporates are also making PPE like masks The Dhaaga initiative of TATA Power has manufactured and supplied 1.2 lakh masks in Maharashtra and Jharkhand. As of today, this is the largest mask distribution by any corporate in India.

Quick Facts: Praveer Sinha is the CEO of TATA Power

5. Economy

TRIFED offers marketing support to Masks under Van Dhan Scheme

The Van Dhan beneficiaries are creating masks at home as per GoI manual These masks will help the whole community These masks are now being used as models to create livelihoods in similar tribal areas.

Quick Facts: The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) that operates under Ministry of Tribal Affairs

6. National Affairs

Fishing and Aquaculture industries exempted from lockdown

GoI has exempted certain operations in the two industries from lockdown. However, the principles of basic hygiene and social distancing has to be followed The decision has been taken due to the large employment and revenue generated by these industries

Quick Facts: According to Economic Survey 2019-20, Indian Fisheries rank third and Indian Aquaculture ranks second in the world.

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