IPU CET BBA admission stays as one of the hot topics during the admission times. BBA course is a popular course among commerce and art students. Every year, many students apply for the BBA course in DU and IPU. For admitting students to BBA courses, the Indraprastha University conducts the IPU CET BBA exam. IPU CET BBA is an entrance exam that is conducted by the university through online mode.

However, the competition in the IPU CET BBA exam is high. This makes a student doubtful about the IPU CET BBA admission. If you are also in the same boat, then check the facts here. With this article, we have come with the syllabus and details of IPU CET BBA admission and the level of this course.

Ipu Cet Bba Admission

Details about the IPU CET BBA exam

Before getting into the detail of the IPU CET BBA exam, first, let’s have an overview of the syllabus and more details of IPU BBA admission.

IPU CET BBA Syllabus

Reasoning and Analytical AbilityAnalogy, Number Test, Direction and Distance, Ranking, Data Sufficiency, Alphabet, Logic Test, Assumption and Conclusion Statements, Venn Diagram, Series, Symbol Sequence, Insert Missing sequence, Data Arrangement, Coding and Decoding
English LanguageVocabulary, spelling mistakes, Inappropriate usage of words, Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases, English comprehension, Analogies, Fill in the blanks, One-word substitution
ArithmeticRatio and proportion, Fractions and Decimals, Square Roots, Number Theory, Surds and Indices, Mensuration, Data Sufficiency, HCF and LCM, Profit and Loss, Data Interpretation, Discounts, Percentage, Volume, Algorithms, Average, Data Comparison, Approximation Commercial Math
Business and General AwarenessGeneral knowledge, Current events, General politics, Sports and awards, General geography, General science, Economic Study, Business and trade awareness.

Is the IPU BBA Entrance exam tough?

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIP) is one of the top universities in India. Many students aspire to have admission to IP university. However, it is a fact that making into IPU CET BBA admission is not that easy. IPU CET BBA admission starts with filling of IPU CET BBA form, followed by an entrance test and a counseling session. Among the lakhs of students, it can become difficult for a candidate to crack the entrance and counseling session for IPU CET BBA admission. But it is not impossible to crack.

The level of the IPU CET BBA can be determined by the pattern as per each section.

1. English Language and Comprehension

  • In this section of the IPU BBA exam, a total of 25 questions will be asked. This section will not come difficult. The trend of English Language sets out to be Easy-Moderate.
  • Every year, most of the English questions come from Vocabulary, Idioms, and Phrases, Spotting errors, synonyms, one-word substitution, fill in blanks, and spelling mistakes.
  • All the above topics are easy to moderate. A candidate having a good command of the English language can easily clear this section.
  •  When Comprehensive is concerned, the level is moderate. Finding answers to the comprehension is not much difficult.

2. General Awareness

  • This section is one of the most difficult sections for any candidate appearing for IPU CET BBA. The trend of this section is Moderate-Difficult.
  • The important topics from this section count as General Geography, General Knowledge, Business and trade awareness, General politics, and Economic study.
  • A candidate needs to know a General knowledge and General politics of the past 4 months from the examination.
  • This section of 25 questions can be difficult for any candidate.

3. Logical and Analytical Ability

  • The logical and Analytical Ability section comprises 25 questions and this section has a difficulty trend of Moderate-Difficult.
  • The important topics from this section count as Analogy, series, direction and distance, data sufficiency, alphabet, statement assumption, and Data Arrangement test.
  • This section can help a candidate to get IPU CET BBA Admission.

4. Quantitative Aptitude

  • This section comprises 22 questions and one should target to attempt at least 18 questions in this section.
  • The level of this section is Moderate.
  • The important topics in this section comprise Algorithms, Average, Percentage, Data Comparison, Profit and Loss, and Simplification.
  • A student having good knowledge of mathematics can easily clear this section as the level of the questions are not much difficult.
Ipu Cet Bba Admission

Comparison of DU BBA admission and IPU CET BBA admission. Which one is easier?

Apart from the IPU CET BBA admission, many students run towards the Delhi University for getting admission in BBA course. Delhi University is a prestigious university in the country and many students aspire to take admission to this university. For admission to the BBA course, a candidate needs to clear the rank cut-off in DU JAT.

Delhi University conducts DU JAT BBA every year to admit students in BBA courses. However, many students are keen to know which examination is easier among the IPU CET BBA exam and DU JAT BBA.

But it is a fact that no exam is easier among these two. The level of this examination is similar. However, in DU JAT, quantitative aptitude is not a part of the syllabus, which makes this entrance an easy one for the students. DU JAT BBA considers 60% score of entrance and 40% score of 12th class. This makes this entrance a little easier than IPU CET BBA.


IPU CET BBA admission is difficult to crack but not impossible. A student can easily crack this entrance exam with proper practice. If a candidate wants to clear this entrance exam, one should start preparing 4 months before the IPU CET BBA exam date. This exam is not much difficult but a candidate can make this difficult with less practice. 

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